TOP 3: Rating of the best inverter generators

this is a mini-power plant that is able to generate current of the highest quality and give out voltage without deviations. Inverter generators are also called “digital” or “smart” because of the electronic control circuits. A small microprocessor performs a double current conversion: from AC to DC, and vice versa – to AC. Due to such manipulations, the output is an ideal sinusoid of current.  If you decide to purchase an inverter generator, then, without a doubt, you know a lot about good technology.

How to choose an inverter generator for home or office, our professional advice will help you. We have determined the rating of inverter generators – we have chosen the ten most popular, taking into account customer reviews on the network. In addition, when determining which inverter generator is better, our experts took into account:

The popularity of the model among buyers. The information is based on an analysis of sales statistics for 2018-2019.
Number of calls to service centers. The most reliable inverter is the one that has practically no repairs and returns.
Optimum section price/quality.
Technical characteristics and their actual compliance with the declared ones.
The quality of the manufacturer’s service support.
Claims. If there are no complaints about the quality of the goods from buyers, then such a generator is definitely the best.

1. Inverter generator Weekender X3500ie

Weekender is a brand that invariably “steers” in response to the question of which inverter generator is better. It is most popular for a private home and owners of exit outlets. The engine is made according to the type of Japanese Honda. Although a fake, but high-quality with a good resource.

Attracts buyers and one of the best indicators of profitability.  It “eats” only 250 grams of gasoline per kWh. This is a very worthy indicator. Good design: small and light, on wheels. Can be turned on from a distance using a small key fob (such as from a car alarm). As practice shows, the power of 3-3.5 kW is the most popular among buyers. You can light and heat a small house, power household appliances (TV, refrigerator), as well as a pump for pumping water.


There is a choice of starting method: key fob or electric start;
There is enough power with a margin for a small private house;
There is an hour meter. It tells the time of the service;
Spare parts are inexpensive and always in stock


The electric starter requires not to forget about charging the battery;
Sensitive oil level sensor. A little underfilled – and it will no longer start;

2. Inverter generator Weekender GS950I

A miniature suitcase from the Weekender company is able to amaze the imagination of every avid fisherman, tourist, hunter. It is surprisingly good looking, besides it is very quiet and economical. 2 liters of gasoline are poured into the tank, and you get high-quality current and even voltage for as much as 12 hours of operation.

This generator belongs to low-power ones – it will enable consumers to connect in a total power of 0.8 kW. But for an outing into nature, more is not required. This inverter will also be good as a backup, for example, for a small office with computer equipment.  The manufacturer installed a 1.35 hop Subaru-Type overhead valve four-stroke engine.


Inverter technology guarantees high current quality and stable voltage, which is important for sensitive electronics;
The engine is quiet, with a reduced amount of harmful emissions and an efficient cooling system;
The user gets the opportunity to save fuel at partial load;

Continuous operation at maximum load is possible for half a day;
Small, light and very stylish inverter for hiking, hiking and outings.


Missing hour sensor.

3. Inverter generator Konner&Sohnen KS 2100i NEW

If you need to buy a small but efficient power source for complex electronics, household appliances, then one of the best models of this type is the Konner & Shonen KS 2100i NEW inverter generator. The rated power of the generated current is 1.6 kW, while the maximum power reaches 1.8 kW.


Double conversion inverter technology provides the highest quality alternative electricity;
the presence of a convenient control panel;
robust steel construction and generator frame;
easy start system for quick start of the device in any conditions;
mobility and compactness, making the generator easy to carry.