Smart Computer: Top 5 PC builds for December 2021 — from 38 to 500 thousand rubles

A little more, and the New Year will come – it would seem that it is time to rejoice. However, if you like to play on a PC, then you can not count on a New Year’s miracle: the dollar has jumped, and with it the prices for basic components have increased. Video cards in general are still not found on sale even for fabulous money: thanks to the miners. In general, everything is very sad.

Nevertheless, we will still offer several optimal builds – but only for those who cannot wait. For the rest, the advice is the same as in the last issue of Intelligent Computer: postpone any purchases and avoid buying GPUs at current prices – this will only make the situation worse, because demand creates supply.

If you want more fps or a prettier picture, it is enough to purchase a discrete video card of the GeForce GTX 1050 It level: Ryzen 3 3200G will cope with it with a bang.

Smart choice: from 120 thousand

This time, the quad-core AMD Ryzen 3 3300X processor disappeared from the Smarter Choice category, as the six-core Intel Core i5-11400F fell in price to 15 thousand rubles, and with it the system comes out both more productive and cheaper. We do not consider a competitor from AMD in the face of the Ryzen 5 3600: it is slower and more expensive.

For the role of the motherboard, we will choose something with the B560 chipset. Models based on it are inexpensive, and among the significant limitations is the lack of the possibility of overclocking the processor, which, in general, is not critical. On the other hand, the chipset has no restrictions on memory, and this is the most important thing here, since it is its setting that gives the most tangible performance boost.
Any model up to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 can be considered as a video card – a balanced configuration will be released. We will try to maintain a certain balance: half the budget for the platform, half for the graphics.

Build Benefits

The Core i5-11400F is quite a bit behind the Hi-End processors in games, but costs less.
The platform supports all modern technologies, including Pie version 4.0.
The platform has no restrictions in setting up the memory subsystem, including its overclocking. With a little time and effort, overall gaming performance can increase by 40% (in terms of 1 and 0.1% fps).

Assembly cons

Price tags for a suitable video card assembly class.
After removing the processor power restrictions in the BIOS of the motherboard, a more efficient cooler may be required.

Optimum: from 180 thousand

The third system in a row this month turned out to be atypical for the rubric, since it combines two of our traditional builds at once: Optimum and Cybersports PC. We will tell you more about them in the future, but for now, just say that the new Core i5 is by no means an “average” anymore. Now this is one of the fastest CPUs for gaming, which has no longer six cores under the hood, as before, but as many as ten. Add to that the total number of threads, which has increased to 16, and it turns out that the fresh Core i5-12600K is an ideal choice for entertainment, serious work and eSports games.

In addition to excellent performance, the new platform also gives rise to new DDR and Pie standards: Alder Lake has them in the fifth generation. True, DDR5 memory kits still cost absolutely insane money (and this despite the fact that there is almost no difference in speed with the previous generation). But it doesn’t matter: those who carefully read our previous materials and bought fast DDR4 for themselves will be able to install it in new PCs based on Alder Lake, since the controller can work with both DDR4 and DDR5. You just need to choose the right motherboard – in our case it will be the Gigabyte Z690 UD DDR4.

The only problem is cooling, because the processors came out relatively hot. Without overclocking, the Deepcool AS500 should cope with them (the mount for the LGA 1700 is sold separately for 360 rubles), but for experiments you will need a more massive cooler. Plus, they provide adapters for them free of charge and quickly for installation in a new connector: just send a request by mail, attaching photos of the purchased motherboard or processor for the LGA 1700. LSS for three sections will also be good.