Computer manufacturing in China. Chinese computers

Today, the products of the world’s best brands are made in China, especially electronics manufacturers such as Apple place the production of their gadgets in China. Local manufacturers also produce electronics under their own brands: computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones … the main thing is that many of these brands are well-known and in great demand all over the world.

Today we will discuss computer manufacturers from China and list the best computer manufacturers in this country.

Many Chinese products have a reputation for poor quality, but the following companies make high quality computers and computer parts…

Today, this Chinese company is known in all parts of the world. Lenovo’s two main product lines are ThinkPad and Think Centre, ThinkPad is a series of laptops and Think Centre is a series of desktop computers. Lenovo has also launched a series of smartphones called Lepton or Idea Phone. Lenovo smartphones run on an adapted version of the Android operating system. One of the features of the company is that absolutely all of its products are sold at an affordable price.

Hasee (Shenzhou)

Hasee was founded in 1995 in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, when its first batch of graphics cards was launched. Its products now include reliable and affordable tablets, desktops, laptops, netbooks and panel PCs. Hasee computers are sold in more than 120 countries around the world.

Tsinghua Tongfang

Tsinghua Tongfang (Tsinghua Tongfang) was officially established in 1997. The company produces personal computers, laptops and other electronic products.

Based in the city of Qingdao, Haier is considered the most valuable brand in China.


Not only computer and mobile phone enthusiasts have heard of Aigo, most Formula 1 fans also know about the company as Aigo is one of the official sponsors of the Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes Formula One Team. Aigo is well known for its own products, it is one of the best manufacturers of MP5s, tablets, cameras, mobile phones, solar powered chargers, computer cases and some other computer accessories.

Elite group computer systems (ECS)

Elite Group Computer Systems is the 4th largest manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards in the world. The company is headquartered in Taiwan. This company also manufactures complete computer systems such as laptops and desktops.

Lanner is a well known manufacturer of industrial computers. The company’s main products are embedded computing systems such as in-vehicle computers, mainframe computers, bus Wi-Fi systems and other large networked computer systems.


If you’re a PC gamer and you need a super fast computer, Zotac can certainly provide you with this thing. Zotac manufactures graphics cards and motherboards. One of the features of the company is the production of super fast personal computers.

Organization of deliveries of computers from China

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From English, this word is translated as “computer”. It was this task that became the main one during the invention of such a system. Now a computer is defined as a device that has the ability to perform a given sequence of operations, which is determined by the desired indicators. Each operation has its own sequence and algorithm and is called a program.

Thanks to the computer, the computer system was born. This is the name of equipment that can consist of blocks. Together, they are responsible for a specific operation, processing data.

Warranty and quality of the branded system unit

The warranty and assembly standards of global computer manufacturers (such as HP, Lenovo, Dell and Acer) are many times higher than any computer assembler. the cost of error in high production volumes and shipments around the world is very high, thorough testing of component compatibility (which is not possible with piece assembly) is carried out to minimize computer failures and to enforce the guarantee.

I believe that self-assembly of the system unit from components is a solution from the 90s, 2000s, which is completely irrelevant today for serial purchase. I personally did not assemble a single system unit from components after one sad story. I purchased the components and assembled the system unit myself. It worked unstably, about once a day or two it rebooted abnormally, as if the power was gone. I began to sort through and test all the components – the power supply.

RAM, motherboard. Nothing helped. Given the fact that the error is guaranteed not to be reproduced, I spent a lot of time on all this. The error disappeared only after the processor was replaced. Apparently there was some problem with him. The error was reproduced on another system unit with this processor.

Who would have thought of him. Since then, I have been buying system units only in assembled form with a guarantee for the finished product, so as not to be engaged and not waste time on such diagnostics. And if you have a huge fleet of hundreds and thousands of cars, can you imagine what kind of trouble maintenance of problematic self-collections will turn into?

I also know the history of purchasing a large batch of system units in budgetary institutions (polyclinics). As is often the case, the tender for the supply was won by some little-known company that supplied hundreds of self-assembled system blocks. Among them, sometimes there were system units with non-new components or simply non-working ones.

With a large batch, and even in a distributed structure, just to identify this and file claims with a return, you need to spend a huge amount of time and effort. It seems to me that there was no savings from such a purchase, although I understand that the motives were somewhat different.