Samsung introduced models of TVs and displays in 2021

Samsung Electronics unveiled its new 2021 lineups of MICRO LED, Samsung Neo QLED TVs, interiors, displays and sound bars at the Unbox & Discover virtual event.

“At Samsung, we are constantly innovating to make our users’ daily lives better.

For decades, televisions were simply devices for watching movies and TV shows, but now they serve as meeting rooms and fitness centers. Many users first experienced the benefits of a number of TV features last year and are now experiencing this type of screen in a new way.

Through the continuous improvement of its technologies, Samsung has been a global leader in TV production for 15 consecutive years. In 2021, we will continue to break new ground to provide users with an unforgettable viewing experience.

MICRO LED in users’ homes

With superior brightness, deep blacks and amazing picture quality, MICRO LED technology offers a great viewing experience. Inorganic LEDs prevent burn-in and provide high screen brightness for the life of the device.

In 2018, Samsung introduced The Wall MICRO LED display, a modular device that can be customized in size up to an incredible 292 inches. A truly cinematic viewing experience is now available to users on an infinity screen that does not require professional assembly and installation.  In autumn, a model with a diagonal of 88’’ will appear on the market, and in the future the company will also release a 76’’ device1.

MICRO LED technology allows you to combine four screens in one. With 4Vue (Quad View), consumers can watch content from up to four sources at the same time, such as multiple sports matches on the same screen or tips for passing a game while gaming. MICRO LED delivers true-to-life image quality on a huge screen without the need for additional adjustments.

Samsung Neo QLED for every home and every hobby

Samsung Neo QLED TVs provide the best viewing experience for any type of content.  Quantum Mini diodes take up 40 times less space than conventional LEDs and provide ultra-precise light control. With accurate deep blacks, vibrant backlighting and the most intelligent zoom technology in Samsung TV history, Neo QLED delivers ultra-realistic images whether you’re watching a football game or playing on a console.

This year, Xbox and Samsung renewed their multi-year agreement, and the companies will continue to work together to offer users the ultimate gaming experience. Samsung Neo QLED and QLED TVs deliver an advanced gaming experience for next-gen gaming on Xbox Series X. Plus, Samsung Neo QLED and QLED TVs let you see even the smallest details with high-resolution 4K, smooth high-clocked picture quality, and a fast (only 5.8ms ) response time.

To deliver optimized gaming performance for the 2021 Samsung Neo QLED and QLED lineup, Samsung has partnered with AMD to develop the first TV to support Resync Premium Pro for PC and console gaming for HDR gameplay. In addition, Samsung’s new Game Bar makes it easy to track and adjust game-critical metrics, such as enabling Samsung’s Super Ultrawide Game view with an ultra-wide aspect ratio previously only available on gaming PCs.

For fitness enthusiasts, the Samsung Neo QLED has access to sports workouts and other healthy lifestyle content at home. In the past year, many users have been looking for ways to stay fit without being able to go to the gym.

Launched in Spring 2020, Samsung Health’s comprehensive fitness platform fills this need. It helps you train with partner apps for any style of fitness and health, as well as monitors the user’s state of health through seamless connection to mobile and wearable devices.

In 2021, Samsung Health introduced the Smart Trainer tool. Using an optional camera (sold separately) and artificial intelligence, the Smart Trainer analyzes the user’s posture and exercise accuracy to provide feedback during exercise.

TV technology to suit your style – indoors and outdoors

Modern users want appliances to fit their needs, personal tastes and style. Among Samsung interior devices there is a solution suitable for any person and space, for home or summer cottage.

With new Art Store partners including NAVA Contemporary and Etsy, The Frame brings more original art to suit a wide variety of tastes. An intelligent “curator” recommends new works to the user, based on what has already been collected in his gallery.

In the “Art Store” you can find a wide variety of content, from classical paintings to modern photos. The Frame has a growing library of digital reproductions of over 1,400 works of art from world-renowned museums and galleries. In addition, the 2021 model is thinner than ever, at just 24.9mm, making it look even more like a regular photo frame.

Samsung is offering a new way to install The Frame 2021 this year. With the new My Shelf accessory (released globally later this year), you can decorate the wall your TV sits on with a few personal touches.

The industry’s first 4K triple laser projector, The Premiere is a next-generation compact home cinema experience. Traditional beam projectors are often bulky and difficult to set up, and even on a large screen, their resolution is often lower than a regular TV – The Premiere has none of these shortcomings.

The minimalist, rounded design of the Samsung projector with a fabric finish will fit perfectly into any interior. Just place The Premiere 5″ or more away from a plain wall or ALR screen and you’re ready to pop the popcorn! Toward the end of 2021, Samsung is going to introduce roll-up screens optimized for The Premiere.

The Terrace, the company’s first outdoor TV, delivers Samsung’s quality picture, sound and smart features, yet is weatherproof and IP55 water and dust resistant. In addition, it is easy to install and easy to connect to your cable network and home Wi-Fi.