iOS 15 brings new ways to stay connected and powerful features to help you better focus on work

Apple announces major updates to FaceTime, a focus-saving feature to help you avoid distractions, enhanced built-in intelligence to find information, new ways to explore the world with Maps, and updates to the Weather and Wallet apps

CUPERTINO, CA Apple today announced the release of iOS 15, a major update with powerful features that will expand the capabilities of iPhone.  There will be a Sharpley function for sharing content viewing and listening, new features to help you focus on a specific task, as well as new ways to interact with Notifications.

The updated Weather app has new graphics options and full-screen maps. Wallet now supports keys and allows you to store identities. And browsing with Safari is even easier with a new tab bar and the ability to organize tabs into groups. iOS 15 also introduces new security controls in Siri, Mail, and other areas of the system – now the user’s data will be even more secure.

And this year, we will offer even more new ways to make their daily lives more enjoyable and convenient, said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering. “iOS 15 lets you stay connected and share experiences in real time, introduces new tools to help you reduce distractions and focus better, uses smart features to work more efficiently with photos, and also includes a significant update to Maps with new ways to explore the world.

More natural FaceTime and collaboration with Sharpley

FaceTime allows you to quickly connect with loved ones, and in iOS 15, communication with family and friends will become even more natural. Spatial audio technology makes it appear as if the FaceTime call participants’ voices are coming from the part of the screen where their image is located.

Inspired by the gorgeous portraits on the iPhone, the company has added Portrait mode to FaceTime. Designed for video calls, it blurs the background to make the other person the center of attention.2 And the new Grid mode for FaceTime group calls lets you see everyone on the call at once.

Users will be able to share their impressions with friends right during a FaceTime call using the Sharpley function. Thanks to Sharpley, users can watch movies or series together on the big screen.

You can now create a link on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and send it via Messages, Calendar, email, or a third-party app so that anyone can join a FaceTime call using the web browser on your Android or Windows device.3 In addition, the web -FaceTime calls are end-to-end encrypted so you don’t have to worry about data security.

To do this, you can create a custom Focus or choose one of the predefined options. This feature uses built-in intelligence to determine which people and applications are currently allowed to harass the user and which are not. Focusing takes into account the habits of the user – for example.

what hours he works and when he goes to bed. If Focus is configured on one Apple device, those settings are automatically carried over to all other Apple devices owned by the user. Users can collect on separate pages of the main screen applications and widgets necessary for a particular business. So they can be less distracted, and everything they need for work will be at hand.

New features of Notifications

Notifications has been redesigned with the ability to add contact photos for people, and app icons are larger to make them easier to recognize.  Built-in intelligence allows you to organize notifications by priority and display the most important ones at the top of the list, taking into account which applications the user is working with. Urgent notifications are delivered immediately, so you don’t have to worry about important correspondence getting into the bulletin.

Built-in intelligence enhances Online Text, advanced Spotlight search, and more

The Online Text feature uses the device’s intelligence to recognize text in photos and allows you to perform certain actions on it. For example, a user can use the search function to find a picture of Grandma’s handwritten recipe, or take a picture of a phone number on a store door and call that number. The Visual Look Up feature allows you to learn more about the objects in the photo, such as a work of art or a landmark, to determine the type of plant or breed of dog. You can even find the pictured book.

Spotlight now uses smart features to search photos by location, people, scenery, or objects. And with Online Text, Spotlight can even find typed or handwritten text in your photos. In addition, Spotlight now performs image searches on the Internet and gives excellent results when searching for actors, musicians.

TV shows and movies. Improved search results for contacts allow you to quickly find recent conversations and recently sent photos, and even determine the user’s location, if available through the “Find My”.
Memories has received a major update in Photos with a redesigned design, immersive interactive experience, and integration with Apple Music, which uses smart features to take into account the user’s personal preferences and select melodies that match the memories in the pictures.

Updated Safari browser

The updated design of Safari allows you to work with controls with one hand, and gives the central place to the content.  Tab groups let you save tabs and quickly access them on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. And with new features such as a customizable home page and third-party iOS extensions, Safari becomes even more powerful and tailored to the user’s needs.