Apple will flood the market with dozens of new devices. Among them will be one unique

In 2022, Apple may release more than 15 new devices. The update awaits almost its entire line. It is expected to release five computers, three tablets and the same number of watches, as well as wireless headphones and at least four smartphones. Along with this, the latest mixed reality headset, a unique product for Apple, may also see the light of day.

A busy year for Apple fans

Apple is preparing for a large-scale update of its line of gadgets in 2022. According to Bloomberg expert Mark German (Mark German), rarely mistaken in matters related to Apple, users will expect not only at least four new iPhones, but also three new Watch models, a redesigned line of iPad tablets and new Macs and MacBook’s with more modern processors. The list will be complemented by a mixed reality headset, says German. This is a new product for Apple, in its modern history it has not released anything like it.

German called 2021 “modest” in terms of new Apple products. The company really didn’t show almost anything really new, which is especially noticeable on the iPhone 13 smartphones. This is an almost exact copy of last year’s iPhone 12 with minimal changes in design and hardware.

Gourmet did not predict the timing of the appearance of new Apple products. It is likely that the company will remain true to its traditions and show smartphones and watches in September, and PCs and laptops in October 2022. The premiere of the third generation iPhone SE and updated tablet computers may take place in the spring.

Popularization of watches

Mark German believes that 2022 will be the year for Apple to completely revamp its smartwatch lineup. The design of the Watch, which has grown to the seventh generation in 2021, has remained almost unchanged since 2014, when the very first Watch was announced.

According to German’s forecasts, the update also implies the release of a completely new model, maximally protected from external factors. We are probably talking about advanced protection against dust, water and shock, and such watches will be oriented, apparently, to fans of very active recreation or adherents of extreme sports.

The second novelty will be Watch Series 8, says German. He does not disclose details about these hours. They will replace Series 7, released in the fall of 2021.

The third representative of the updated lineup will be the second-generation budget Watch SE watch .. According to German, Apple will assemble it on the basis of last year’s Watch Series 6, but exclude various “medical” functions from the composition, including EEG measurement and pulse oximeter. There probably won’t be an always-on display, either, but the screen itself is likely to be significantly larger than the original Watch SE, which launched at the same time as the Series 6 in 2020.

Three new tablets

For 2022, according to German’s forecasts, Apple has planned the debut of three new tablets. It will update the regular iPad, although the current version came out just a few months ago, as well as the iPad Air and iPad Pro. Tiny iPad mini this time will do without an update.

It is not yet worth counting on global changes. A Bloomberg expert is confident that the new iPad Pro will change the most. Apple’s top tablet could get a redesigned look and wireless charging capability. It is possible that there will be a so-called “reverse charging”, which allows you to charge various gadgets from the tablet.

The new iPad 10 is unlikely to change radically. It’s Apple’s cheapest tablet, and in an era of scarcity and rising costs, the company will have to work hard to keep the price of the iPad 10 at its lowest (by its standards) mark. Probably, the list of innovations will include a screen with thinner frames and a reduced thickness of the body.

If German’s prediction comes true, it will turn into a larger version of the new iPad mini with an A15 processor and support for fifth-generation cellular networks.

,The final rejection of Intel chips

In 2022, Apple may finally remove computers based on Intel processors from the line and show at least five new PCs. Among them will be the new all-in-one iMac with a screen larger than 24 inches, the updated Mac mini nettop, the basic version of the MacBook Pro laptop and the slightly upgraded MacBook Air with the new M2 processor. There are no details about the chip yet.

Complementing the lineup is the all-new Mac Pro desktop, which will also feature Apple’s own processor inside. The current 2019 Mac Pro is the company’s latest device on an Intel chip, using a Xeon W with eight to 28 cores.

The announcement of the new Mac Pro will complete the process of moving away from the Intel CPU. It began in June 2020 with an announcement at WWDC 2020, and the first PCs based on Apple’s own ARM processors saw the light of day in November 2020.