Vivo New best smartphones

The Chinese brand Vivo came to Russia at the end of 2017. In a few years, the company has not only become a recognizable brand, but also won a lot of fans. Today in her arsenal there are several lines and many interesting models.

Vivo is one of the subsidiary brands of the notorious Chinese tech giant BBK. He also owns OnePlus, Realm, OPPO. Despite the fact that so many brands have the same roots, they are all quite distinctive and focused on different customers. If you are a fan of photography and use your phone for this purpose, then Vivi’s technology is definitely worth a closer look.


Vivo can offer customers 4 lines:

Y – budget devices aimed at young people, have a nice appearance and good stuffing for solving simple everyday tasks.
V (in China – S) – mid-price smartphones that can offer excellent hardware without extra overpayment.
X – premium devices with maximum features.
NEX is another premium line that rarely gets updated, but it comes out with powerful and innovative phones that will surprise you.
IQOO is a Vivo sub-brand created for sales in China. Powerful models with affordable prices come out under this name, so they are popular outside their native country. This may promise their official appearance in other markets, but for now, IQOO smartphones can be bought through Aliexpress


This is a rather old smartphone, which, thanks to the price tag and features, is still interesting. It has an all-plastic body in beautiful red or blue, a decent waterdrop display, and decent cameras for the price tag.

It also has a non-hybrid slot, a good battery capacity, which lasts 1-1.5 days of using the phone. There is not too much memory here, but enough for basic tasks, the processor also provides comfortable performance if there are no goals for playing games or running dozens of applications at the same time.



Y1s is a kind of update to Y91s. It has a similar display, the same amount of memory and battery. The cameras are no different either.

The Y1s offers a faster processor, textured plastic chassis with a matte finish (non-staining and non-slip) and new colors – olive black and wave blue. In addition, the device received a more recent Android 10. Otherwise, there is still no 5 GHz Wi-Fi, NFC, a fingerprint scanner, and an old micropubs is used.

If you need a budget phone with good battery life, a camera and a fresh OS, then Y1s is a good option.


Another affordable smartphone that has its flaws, but overall is a good solution.

Among the not-so-best moments is a large display with a low resolution, the pixels are quite noticeable while watching a video. But the screen has a high brightness and the sun will not be a problem for its use. The second minus is the old micropubs, this is not the worst thing, but I want a modern USB-C.

Other than that, it’s a phone with a nice plastic body, decent cameras for the price, decent performance, and a non-combo tray. There is a large 5000 mash battery here, it really takes 3 hours to charge, but the device lives quietly for 1-2 days.


The new Vivo Y31 is still an affordable phone, but it looks more interesting compared to previous models. The body is still plastic, but the design of the camera is reminiscent of the company’s older devices, which gives the device a bit of a premium gloss. The resolution has also changed – it has increased to FHD +, now there are no questions about image quality. Another positive moment was the appearance of USB-C.

Otherwise, the device has a triple AI camera, good battery life with 18W fast charging, NFC, 5 GHz Wi-Fi and a pretty good amount of memory. The processor here is average – not the most powerful solution in its segment, but it will be enough for everyday tasks and medium settings in games. Also pleased with the side fingerprint, modern Android 11 and a separate tray.


New Vivo, announced in December 2020. So far, the smartphone is only available on Aliexpress, but it is expected that it will also reach other markets.

There is a powerful processor with 5G here. Pleases the device with a large supply of memory, a capacious battery and fast charging of 18 watts.


Vivo V20 smartphones were released in three versions – the younger V20 SE, the middle V20 and the older V20 Pro. The first two versions are sold in Russia, and the older one can be bought on Aliexpress, but in our opinion, the middle version is the most interesting.

It has good performance and plenty of memory (with a separate expansion slot), good rear cameras and a great front camera. The smartphone will please with a high-quality AMOLED display with Always On and a built-in fingerprint scanner. It has fast charging, NFC, modern Bluetooth 5.1. In addition, the model immediately works on Android 11.

And it is also a very thin smartphone by modern standards – 7.38 mm, it has a metal frame and frosted glass body, which eliminates fingerprints.