Choosing a TV with Smart TV: what is important to know in 2022

Modern TVs have become smart, like most modern technology. What is so special about these TVs and are they really so smart, which TV is better and how important is it? Let’s figure it out.

Coming today to any of the retail chains, we see a huge selection of TVs for every taste and budget. All of them can be divided into some kind of classes, but how to choose the best option in its class, what nuances should you pay attention to when choosing a TV with Smart TV?

What is smart about Smart TV?

TVs have always been limited, but that’s a thing of the past. TVs with Smart TV technology combine the capabilities of a TV and a media center. Now they have the ability to connect to the network, which opens up an incredibly rich choice for the user’s browsing. Smart TV has a number of advantages and has become an excellent replacement for on-air TV.

Finally, it has become possible to watch our favorite shows or movies without annoying ads, we can choose what time it is more convenient for us to watch them, now we can record any content, and subscriptions allow unlimited manipulations, we can pause or watch yesterday’s episode of our favorite series, which aired while we were at work.

Sitting on your favorite sofa with a remote control in your hands, you can read mail and answer emails, check what news has appeared, watch event announcements, view social networks. networks and order dinner for delivery, while you do not need a phone.  All this is absolutely real, easy and comfortable, because to control Smart TV you only need a remote control, you can also use a virtual or regular keyboard, you can control your voice and even with gestures.

Which operating system is best?

The capabilities of the operating system determine the lion’s share of success when choosing a device. If it does not work stably, then owning a TV can turn into torment.

To date, there are many OS options, but there are only 3 “giants”, choosing which you definitely will not lose. This:

android tv.
Tien OS

This operating system is installed in their Samsung TVs. It has a popular and user-friendly interface, easy to understand, it will not be difficult to deal with it. The advantage of this system is its execution, the application icons are on the pop-up bar at the bottom of the screen. The panel does not cover the image and we can use it during the viewing process without interruption.

This OS supports the connection of any smartphone, regardless of Android or iOS. Applications in this OS are grouped as recently used and frequently used. But there is one drawback, it does not support all codecs, which means that we will not be able to play some videos from external memory, and it will not work to install third-party applications.


This OS is installed by the manufacturer LG. It is not much different from Tien has a high speed, rich interface and multitasking. But its app store is sparse, although it has many necessary and popular services. This OS has one property that the arrangement of icons on the panel sometimes changes by itself.

Android TV

You can call it an exact copy of the OS for smartphones.  Here, the app icons are on the home screen, the Android TV system also has a large number of settings, a rich selection of applications in the store .

and you can install third-party applications from external memory. Again, there are disadvantages: there is no multitasking mode, the interface is complicated and high demands on the hardware of the TV and the amount of RAM.

Today, Android TV is the most distinctive smart TV system that allows us to customize and use the TV in the most personal way.

Often, when buying a TV, we are guided by the price segment, we want to either take more and not save, or vice versa. But if you pay attention to the recommendations and choose by distance (for example, with a distance from the eyes to the device of 4 meters, a diagonal of 55 inches or more will do), then when viewing, you will truly enjoy the process.

Screen type also matters.

The comfort of your eyes largely depends on this.

But it is faster than others – the response is only 1 Ms.
IPS is an option that is installed in most devices. The viewing angle is excellent, there is practically no distortion. But – the response time is 4-6 mms, which is already long in comparison, and there are also flashes on a black background, which can be very annoying when viewing. A feature of this technology is a small contrast, which indicates a low depth and saturation of black;

VA – a matrix with high contrast and excellent response, ideal for games. There are no lights here, but the viewing angle fails, the juiciness is lost. The subgroups of this mart are: S-PVA, PVA and MVA
QLED – thanks to Nano-crystals, they collect more light and increase the color palette even at high brightness. Simply put, this is a modified LCD display. This name is used by Samsung, LG called it Nano Cell, and Sony – Trolamines.

OLED is an array of individual LEDs that emit light. Such models do not need a backlight, and the OLED panel has a high contrast with black color. OLED technology uses organic light emitting diodes to create the image. The thickness of such TVs is small, but the quality of the matrix is ​​​​very high. What affects the price of devices. Here we find excellent color gamut and contrast, and rich blacks.