What is NFC and how can it be used?

NFC technology is not a universal invention that allows the exchange of files within a wireless system. The principle of operation of the near-field communication technique is based on the interaction of magnetic fields between special devices. The data transfer rate is 424 Kbps, which is much less than the Bluetooth connection speed of 2.1 MPs.

Comparing the above two technologies, we note that reducing the scope of communication provides a high level of data transmission security. An important advantage of the new Bluetooth communication method is the instantaneous connection of interacting devices (about 0.1 seconds). In addition, it involves communication with passive (non-radiating) NFC devices.

Mass NFC technology

“NFS” is a wireless high-tech communication, which is essentially represented by a small chip that provides high-speed wireless data transfer between devices. Initially, this module was developed in order to make contactless payments, i.e. the chip was built into smart cards designed to pay for purchases, etc. Today, this chip is built into bracelets, smart watches and smartphones.

Hi-Tech technology has a lot of significant advantages:

ensuring a high speed of information transfer between devices (it takes fractions of seconds to make a payment);

low power consumption by built-in modular chip (important for mobile phones);

ensuring the maximum level of security against hacking or theft;

a high level of comfort – replacing several bank cards with one smartphone.

Further expansion of communication near the field is determined by the versatility and commonality of its devices – carriers: the NFC function in a phone or smart card is available to the mass user. Technology naturally contributes to the progress of technology.

In 2014, the share of smartphone sales in the Russian mobile phone market reached 58%. Of these, 80% are equipped with the Android 4.0 operating system, adapted for short-term communication. The NFC Android Short Range function introduced into it, offered to smartphone owners, is called the Beam option.

NFC principle

Some experts argue that the first version of Bluetooth contactless technology is already obsolete. They criticized the built-in profiles, which carefully regulate the connection of headphones, file transfers and network access. Such a dogmatic device limits the scope of Bluetooth.

Within the framework of new technologies, approaches are proposed that are more constructive. Emulation of bank payment cards, reading mode and device connection mode are modern technical capabilities. The idea of ​​using NFC will evolve.

In fact, NFC is quite flexible, because it provides the possibility of a multidimensional format: a base with parameters hardwired into it that are involved in setting up contactless and short-term communication. They are replaced by variables of different software types. This concept is to ensure versatility.

Potential of NFC

The technology is evolving: most Android smartphone owners are already using NFC. The operator’s SIM card works almost according to field technology, imitating contactless payment, discount cards, official documents, reads RFID tags attached to products in retail chains, and also connects devices within P2P.

The non-profit association of corporations initiates the development and distribution of NFC. These are well-known companies such as Google and Microsoft, Nokia and Philips, Samsung and Sony.

Close Field Communication technology is supported by 14 leading operators. They account for about 40% of the international mobile communications market. An example of a significant investment in this technology is equipment in London: 60,000 NFC terminals for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Buying NFC-Enabled Devices

When buying a modern device, it makes sense to determine whether there is support for the contactless communication method we are considering. It can be recognized by external signs or by directly entering the device menu. Companies that produce smartphones with NFC function: Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, etc.

What does an NFC smartphone look like? The fact that a contactless communication system is built in can be found by the NFC logo on the gadget panel. But it is recommended that before buying a device, check if there is a sub-item called “NFC Technology” in the “Wireless Networks” section.

In addition to the active controller built into the smartphone, passive modules have also been developed. An example is special cards that are used for multiple payments when traveling on public transport.

Even if the smartphone does not support the NFC function, you can purchase a specialized SIM card, for example, from MTS. A special chip is installed in it, which will perform the cherished function. After such a replacement, an ordinary smartphone is transformed into an electronic wallet.

How to use NFC in Android menu

The Beam function in OC Android means unlocking the screen of any interactive device. After that, a simple setup is required:

In the menu, go to “Wireless Networks”.

Allow communication with another device.

If a smartphone device is detected, then a signal (beep) will sound. Repeated signal indicates that the transmission of information is completed. Please note that the NFC feature can be used to send a link instead of data when sharing apps (ARK files), YouTube videos, and search pages. Through various gadgets, you can read data from special cards that are equipped with NFC chips. This approach greatly simplifies many processes that previously required much more time to complete.

The process of introducing contactless communication

Statistics show that smartphones peaked in popularity at the end of 2011. Then the development and mass use of special functions for these devices began, especially those that implement contactless communication.

The reason for this is obvious:

gadgets equipped with a contactless data transfer function are becoming more and more versatile;

with their help, it is possible to identify the user, make payments using it as an electronic wallet, place several bank cards, bonus cards, an electronic key or a travel ticket at the same time.

These methods are not meant to be an exhaustive list of NFC use cases: the promising technology continues to evolve. Today, the possibilities of such a connection between smartphones are widely used.

Contactless payment technology is rapidly spreading, along with which the number of terminals that provide payments is increasing. Such payment services as Android Pay, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, etc. have already appeared in the web space. Mobile applications are gradually turning smartphones into convenient and secure e-wallets. It is enough to install the application and link the card so that you can pay at terminals and stores that support Pay Pass.