The best Vivo smartphones

Vivo is a Chinese brand. It has been selling its smartphones on the world market for ten years. In Russia – since 2017. Simple and easy to use devices from Vivo are of high quality. Developers use new technologies, introduce special functions into the devices.

There are four main lines of smartphones. NEX – the most progressive solutions of developers and top technical characteristics are introduced into these devices. iBook – designed for gamers, have the best performance in gaming applications. Y – inexpensive smartphones in a premium shell. V – for the mass user with an improved camera.


Designed for mobile games, runs on a powerful processor. On the sides there are special game-buttons that determine the pressing force, which makes the gameplay more convenient. The device has a thin body, a glass cover and a metal frame. The screen is made of ultra-strong Amole glass, the diagonal is 6.1 inches. The built-in cooling system does not allow the device to heat up above forty degrees, even with prolonged use. Supports fast charging function – from 0 to 100% it takes only 45 minutes. You can use the fingerprint scanner to protect your privacy.

The battery with a capacity of 4500 mash works autonomously up to 16 hours with active use. The speaker reproduces high quality sound. Equipped with a powerful rear camera of four lenses. When shooting, a depth sensor is used, a wide viewing angle. There is a macro sensor. With good and dull color, clear and saturated photographs are obtained. In night mode, the image quality is poor. Device has a powerful processor. You can play any mobile application, even the most demanding ones. The fingerprint scanner is located on the screen. Supports fast charging function.


The graceful shimmering back cover of the device is made of glass. An aluminum frame is installed along the edges. Battery capacity 4500 mash. You can watch series for almost a day without interruption. Read Internet sites fifteen hours without recharging. Fully charging the battery takes an hour. Audio playback quality is not the highest. There are no dedicated stereo speakers, but this is unnoticeable when watching media. The triple camera captures crisp, true-to-life photos with accurate colors and a high degree of detail. 10x magnification of the subject is available. Even the most demanding applications do not slow down on Vivo NEX 3.


The display is made using modern UltraFullView technology. Full screen coverage without cutouts, the front camera is retractable, built into the top at the end. A security fingerprint scanner is installed on the display.  High quality audio playback. Supports demanding mobile games. The 4000 mash battery allows you to play without charging all day. It has a powerful camera that creates photos corresponding to professional ones. Built-in device memory 128 and 256 GB, depending on the configuration.  Does not support NFC option.

The screen is made using AMOLED technology, has a Fulda resolution. The oleophobic coating is additionally protected. The powerful battery allows you to work without recharging all day. You can play five hours in a row until you are completely discharged. On Vivo V15 Pro, you can listen to music loudly, but the sound is not voluminous enough. Three-lens camera – the main ultra-sensitive, wide-angle and equipped with a depth sensor. Front – makes bright and clear selfies. High speed when using gaming applications.


Looks stylish, glass cover and metal material frame. Display with Amole and Fulda plus. The battery lasts for two days of work, accelerated charging takes just over an hour. The only speaker reproduces the sound quality and loudly. The triple camera in daylight creates high-quality clear photos. Night shots are noisy and have incorrect color reproduction. There are wide-angle, portrait and standard lenses. There is a built-in stabilizer for video shooting, which allows you to record a video while moving. Supports games, does not overheat with active use.


Sleek design with mirrored lid and gradient frame. The screen with Super-Amole has an additional protective coating. Until fully discharged, it can work up to two days. There is a fast charging mode – by 35% in half an hour. The camera takes high-quality photos in good lighting. Has a fast processor, 6 gigabytes of RAM. Any games will work. The most demanding – with minimal settings. The built-in memory capacity is 128 GB, it can be increased by purchasing an additional card. There is a fingerprint scanner and NFC.


The device looks elegant, the back cover is smoothly curved to the sides. Glossy plastic blends beautifully with the aluminum frame. Compact smartphone – display diagonal 6.3 inch, weight 163 grams. It can work offline all day long, for continuous play the battery lasts for five hours. There is a fast charging function. Equipped with one speaker, which gives high-quality audio sound, but not very loud. The dual camera takes average quality photos. On the Vivo V11 smartphone, you can play applications with any demands.