Robots and Gadgets at CES 2021

Samsung has unveiled several robots at CES 2021 at once. Samsung Bot Care is designed as an assistant, companion and nurse.  The robot will remind you to warm up if you sit at the computer, warn you about the imminent start of the video conference, prepare materials for the presentation and choose the optimal place for it, taking into account the lighting and background.

The second robot, Samsung Bot Handy, aims to become a home assistant. It is equipped with a manipulator with three degrees of freedom, a camera and a grip in the form of a pincer. The robot is able to recognize objects and the material from which they are made to calculate the gripping force. He also analyzes the environment of objects in order to take them correctly.

According to company representatives, Bot Handy will be able to autonomously work around the house, helping to set the table, clean up dirty dishes, collect, sort by color and load laundry into the washing machine. The robot is able not only to move on the floor, but also to stretch upward to put clothes on the top shelf of the cabinet.

The robots are not yet ready for mass production, their price is unknown. Today the company is only studying the possible demand and public reaction. The latter, by the way, reacts rather critically, doubting that Bot Handy is really capable of performing the declared functions, and Bot Care is actually useful and justifies its cost, whatever it may be.

In fact, we’ve seen the concept of such assistants for several years in a row, including an early version of the Spot with a manipulator on the back, and Unitech’s Walker robot. And although Spot recently lit up cleaning clothes, we will not see a real useful home robot for helping with the household with hands soon.

But the smart vacuum cleaner from Samsung will be available this year. The Jetboat 90 AI + is equipped with a lidar for accurate 3D mapping. The robot can detect objects in its path, avoiding fragile objects such as vases, and confidently removing from more durable ones. such as furniture.

The ITRI Applied Technology Research Institute also introduced a two-arm system.

General Motors has unveiled the futuristic Cadillac extoll single-seat electric drone concept at CES 2021.  In the future, the company promises to present a two-seat version of the drone.

GM also unveiled an autonomous delivery van. The company representatives noted that they have rethought the future of personal transport and in their opinion, these two concepts reflect the most popular models for the next 5 years or more.

BIONIC HIVE unveiled its fully autonomous Squid Warehouse, a shelf climbing robot. The 3D robot has a built-in control system and is able to analyze data in real time in order to study emerging problems and apply the experience gained in all other warehouses. The solution is easily adaptable to any warehouse and has already been highly appreciated by professionals.

There were several interesting solutions for a smart home at the exhibition. For example, Wellness Toilet from Japanese manufacturer Toto. The device scans the human body and its waste using sensors, analyzes the received data and proposes changes in the diet through the mobile application. The novelty, which even offers culinary recipes, will hit the market in a few years.

This is a direct breakthrough in toilet construction, we are waiting for him to learn how to give the results of the analysis, so as not to carry jars to the clinic 🙂

Other developments

IBM has partnered with research non-profit organization Prom are to unveil unmanned navigation technology at CES. The AI ​​Captain onboard system, developed for the Mayflower Autonomous Ship project, is capable of navigating research vessels in the ocean. It includes computer vision, automation software and Watson technology for decision making during autonomous flights.

LG Unveils Chloe Bot Disinfecting Robot. It might not have stood out at CES any other time, but today is a robot for disinfecting high-traffic areas like that. as hotels, schools and offices, as relevant as ever.

Pollen Robotics showed at CES their open source robot Richie, which is now tele controlled.  This innovation only supported the general trend in robotics to use robots instead of humans to reduce personal contact.

The British company Shadow Robots at CES spoke about the new stage of its work. Its Tactile Telerobot, previously supplied mainly to research institutes, will now have real and important uses. Innovate UK has funded the company to introduce robot-arms into the Pfizer vaccine manufacturing process. The responsive and precise Tactile Telerobot will work in a sterile box instead of people who are forced to carry out a series of operations there with uncomfortable gloves.

And the Robeson company has unveiled a novelty, its K1 educational robot, which should go on sale this spring at a price of $ 300 for the most advanced version.  Tilt enables children of all ages and with different skills to learn the basics of programming a real, smart and mobile robot.

There are no details about the drone yet, but Sony is going to release it this spring, so we are waiting for the official release.

The manufacturer of robots and software for them, Moreot, has unveiled its new creation at CES 2021 – the Scout robot scout. The robot is equipped with an FHD camera with night vision, support for voice control and the function of streaming video directly to your smartphone in real time. The OS is open source Linux + ROS. The battery charge lasts for 2 hours, after which the robot itself goes to the base. The Visual Driver Assistance System projects a laser holography onto the windshield, displaying information relevant to the driver.

Head-Up provides data on the traffic situation, navigation assistance, data on driving speed, fuel remaining, warns of pedestrians at night, and also allows you to expand the driver’s field of vision to a distance of 10 meters or more. The system monitors the direction of the driver’s gaze, as well as the movement of objects around the moving vehicle, and in accordance with this dynamically adjusts to them.

British startup Lasso Loop Recycling has unveiled its Lasso smart home garbage sorter concept at CES. He must clean plastic and metal from food debris and determine if the material is recyclable.  If the waste cannot be recycled, he returns it to the owner. Then the garbage goes through steam cleaning, crushed and sent to storage in a separate slot. Also, the Lasso mobile app helps to determine if the product packaging is recyclable by barcode right in the store. The estimated release time is 2023. The preliminary cost is about three and a half thousand dollars.

With a fall sensor and artificial intelligence for active monitoring, the Nobi ceiling light can detect dangerous situations in the home of the elderly and alert relatives or social services about them. The smart bulb also has built-in smoke detectors, air quality detectors, and a 4G SIM in case Wi-Fi goes down.