Top 5 best technologies that will transform the car beyond recognition

When we hear the phrase “modern technology”, we imagine unusual ideas that have been brought to life, but no one uses them because of the high price, because of the innovative idea, because of unjustified needs and unreliable research. Everything new is scary, because someone will prefer a new building to an old house that has stood for more than 100 years, and the seismic norm has long ago outlived its usefulness. But today we will talk about cars in which there are new and living ideas, where there is no place for the old design or engine.

Technique, like technology, must develop. Do you like it when your gas stove turns on by itself, is regulated by the “smart home” system, and the iPhone sets an alarm or writes messages for you? The same is the case with cars, which are being transformed every year, becoming better and more beautiful. And we will separately consider the top 10 best technologies that will transform the car beyond recognition. No paints are required here, the doors will not be removed, nothing will be glued. Now such a technology has been created as gluing a car with a special film. This is not vinyl and the texture may vary. The line-up may not have the color you want, and you can choose your favorite shade, making the car unique of its kind. The film will protect the native paint from damage, retain the brightness of the color, protect it from moisture and corrosion.

1. Electric starter

Starting the car with a key was not always convenient, especially if the key was constantly lost, frozen, or broken. Today’s technology has been a great advance, and this point is no exception. This is a great contribution to industrial production, which allows the driver to start the car comfortably and comfortably the first time without warming up. Now starting the engine does not require much effort, everything is done for you by the electronics. For some, it is a taboo topic, but for some, it is all to their liking. In the future, you can make it so that all cars will have a single-button start system.

2. Electronic cooling system

And again we will talk about electronics. Why not? This innovation has become very popular, and the seizure of industrial units has increased several times. We will leave the electric ignition for gas stoves, and we will introduce a cooling system into the car. Currently, 68% of cars use this technology – you don’t have to worry about the belt spinning due to the engine speed. The fan will give off coolness as soon as the engine exceeds the heating rate. He will no longer be able to overheat, and you have minus one puzzle a day.

3.48-volt electrical systems and drives

Almost every car needs a strong and powerful charge of electricity. To do this, specialists have invented the latest technology, which they have managed to introduce into mass production in the car market over the past few years. These are 48-volt electrical systems and drives that will energize the engine so it can run smoothly for as long as possible. The pace of improvement and development will gain momentum every year.

4. Engine cylinder deactivation system

Over the next few years, engineers will focus on creating new engines that consume less and give more. The technology has gained widespread demand, especially in countries where people are constantly updating garage “wardrobes”. Today the question is – how to make the engine a hybrid, but so that it consumes a minimum of fuel, gives out maximum energy, eating up the budgetary part of the owner’s income. The answer is still being designed and developed, but the efficiency of such motors promises to outshine the entire auto market, because the units will work in the same modes.

5. Hydrogen engines

This type of engine could be thought of as an unfulfilled dream of Ford. He always tried to create a time machine, a perpetual motion machine, a unit of constant motion. But now, several hundred years later, when technology and human minds have merged, we can observe the reconstruction of important elements of the machine. This is not science fiction, but a very realistic idea – to make a hydrogen engine that will save up to 98% of the entire budget spent on the maintenance of the car today. Such cars will soon overshadow electric motors and hybrids.