China publishes AI ethics manual for the first time

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of China published for the first time a guide on the ethical management of artificial intelligence; The document focuses on protecting user rights, the South China Morning Post reported Sunday.

As the publication emphasized, the guidance was released against the backdrop of the PRC’s desire to limit the influence of large IT companies in the country and become a global leader in the field of AI technologies by 2030.

According to the published document, people should have complete control over decision making, as well as the right to choose whether to resort to the services of AI services, stop interacting with the AI ​​system, or suspend its operation at any time.

Six basic principles for the development and use of AI systems are formulated. They must be “controllable and reliable”, contribute to the growth of human well-being, as well as “honesty and fairness”, protection of confidentiality, ensuring safety and “growth of ethical literacy”.

The publication notes that the new leadership is a clear signal to large IT companies that are using AI recommender systems to grow sales with might and main.

We will remind, in August, the Chinese authorities announced their intention to regulate the algorithms of recommendation systems, so that they “support core values” and “actively disseminate positive energy”, preventing the replication of information that violates laws and regulations.

As wrote, with regard to AI systems, the PRC is pursuing a policy of “ajar.” This means that the state takes the latest technologies and the best specialists from the open market, at the same time preventing foreign companies from gaining a foothold in their market. Takeovers of foreign companies are encouraged to gain access to technology. Techno-nationalism is preached, which implies aggressive protection of Chinese companies from foreign competitors and takeovers, and the distribution of international markets among Chinese companies is ensured so that they do not compete with each other. Priority directions for the development of AI systems: the best social structure of the state, public and judicial services, medical care, public safety, military affairs.

The ministry proposes to establish key indicators of control over the processing of personal data

According to the draft resolution, the share of persons in respect of whom violations of the law will be revealed based on the results of scheduled inspections in 2022 will be 90%

The Ministry of Digital Development has developed a draft resolution of the

“The Ministry of Figures, in accordance with the requirements of 248-FZ, proposes to consolidate at the legislative level a key indicator of federal control over the processing of personal data, the achievement of which will illustrate the effectiveness of control (supervisory) activities. In accordance with the proposed target indicators, starting from 2022, the proportion of persons in respect of which violations of the law will be detected, it will decrease, which will minimize the risks of violation of legislation in the field of personal data, and, as a result, increase the security of the personal data of our citizens, “the ministry told TASS.

According to the draft resolution, the share of persons in respect of whom violations of the law will be detected as a result of scheduled inspections will be 90% in 2022, 89% in 2023, 88% in 2024, 87% in 2025, and 2026 – 86%.

The adoption and implementation of the resolution of the government of the Russian Federation will not require additional costs, it is indicated in the document.

Media reported data breach of 1.5 billion Facebook users

WASHINGTON, Oct 4 The data of 1.5 billion Facebook users have been put up for sale on the black market, according to the Internet publication Privacy Affairs.

According to officially unconfirmed reports, we are talking about the names, physical and email addresses and phone numbers of users of the social network.

The publication recalls that at the end of September, a user of one of the hacker sites reported that he had gained access to the Facebook database containing the data of 1.5 billion customers. Now,

according to the portal, the database is up for sale. One of the potential buyers writes that he was offered to buy the data of a million Facebook user accounts for 5 thousand dollars. The publication notes that this is the largest “drain” of data from Facebook users in terms of volume.

The company itself said via Twitter that it is aware of the access issues with “some people” and is working to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

What is known about a large-scale Internet crash

On Monday, there was a massive internet outage. Users around the world have reported problems with websites and apps on popular platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

According to the Downdetector service, which tracks the work of popular Internet resources, users in the United States began to report disruptions in the work of mobile operators T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T, as well as the Internet provider Spectrum and the search engine Google.
Amid the massive disruption, shares of leading US IT companies, including Facebook, Twitter, Alphabet and Amazon, are falling.
Mark Zuckerberg, according to The World’s Real-time Billionaires on Forbes, lost $ 6.4 billion in a day.
Facebook employees are unable to enter the company building and also have difficulty using corporate communication programs, Ryan Mack, a journalist for The New York Times, told Twitter.
Privacy Affairs reported that Facebook’s database of 1.5 billion users has been put up for sale on the darknet.
The company doubts that what happened is the result of a cyberattack, since Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are “too different from each other,” writes NYT, citing Facebook employees who wished to remain anonymous.
In Russia, according to data from Downdetector, there are failures in the work of “VKontakte”. At the same time, the press service of the company noted that there are no failures in the work of the social network. They also pointed to a surge in the activity of users of services, in particular, the video “VKontakte” and the messenger.
Users also report a malfunction in Telegram – first of all, residents of the United States and Mexico inform about the problems. A TASS correspondent in New York reported that the application works fine there.
Russian telecom operators “Beeline”, “Megaton”, MTS and Tele2 reported that they are working normally. Rostelecom reported that they are fixing problems in the foreign sector, but “there are no problems on the Rostelecom network.”