Humanity is striding forward to innovations, and now things that seemed unreal for another two decades can be found at every step. Virtual reality glasses, artificial intelligence voice assistants, smartwatches – all this can be bought at almost any electronics store. And “smart” houses with robotic butlers are no longer unattainable inventions.

But there are technologies from the cinema that many could see, but it is not possible to use them today (and some in the foreseeable future). For you, the editors of Channel 12 have prepared TOP gadgets and technologies from cinema, which you would not pass by without the desire to try them. Let’s talk right away that the list will not include a time machine, variations of which have appeared in films dozens of times.

1) Reducing apparatus

Back in 1989, an American science fiction film was released, with which he launched a whole franchise – “Darling, I Shrunk the Children” (6+). The debut film by director Joe Jonatan, who previously worked as art director for films about Indiana Jones, has become a cult film among fans of science fiction. As the name suggests, the protagonist, Professor Malinski, invents a diminishing apparatus that accidentally affects his children. Of course, the idea of ​​shrinking a person is not new.

and Lewis Carroll in “Alice in Wonderland” and Ian Larry in “The Incredible Adventures of Kari and Vali” resorted to this move to Jonatan, and Stan Lee in his comics about Ant-Man brought this the idea to a pseudoscientific explanation, but it is the film “Darling, I Shrunk the Children” that the majority of the inhabitants of Russia in the post-Soviet period associate with this fantastic theme.

But it would be great to look at the world around us from the size of a fly, when the path from room to bathroom turns into a whole adventure. And what a savings on food! However, in reality, such a thing will not work. Problems will be caused by the laws of physics, which will not allow you to simply change the size of the atoms that make up a person. In addition, due to overload, pressure and other factors, a person with his body structure simply could not survive. Therefore, dreams of riding ants, like the heroes of a movie, will remain dreams.

2) Amphibious vehicle

The number of unusual spy gadgets in James Bond films is off the charts: there are X-ray glasses, a grenade pen, and a rocket pack. From the variety, just eyes run up. But nothing attracted the attention of manufacturers like an amphibious vehicle that could transform into a kind of submarine. But it would be great not to go around the reservoirs along the shore, but to swim through them, enjoying the views of aquatic life from the interior of your car. Yes, now there are cars that can move both on the ground and on the water surface, but not under water. These exist only in test single copies. However, now some car companies are developing projects for future underwater amphibians, like the legendary spy. Elon Musk is also preparing his project. And this person knows how to realize the impossible. So, perhaps, in a few years, such cars will appear in car dealerships.

The epitome of the civilized age, as Obi-Wan Kenobi put it. A powerful energy blade that emerges beautifully from the hilt, immediately indicating the toughness of its wearer. Most importantly, the lightsaber can cut through almost any material. But it would be great to send such force not to war, but to domestic needs: in construction.

preparing firewood or cutting sausage for sandwiches beautifully, elegantly, and most importantly, without applying any effort. However, many scientists criticized the possibility of creating such a technology, since a ray of light, which is a blade, cannot be a solid body, and it cannot be controlled, therefore, instead of a fixed length, it will rush to infinity. However, it may be for the best. There are already enough weapons on the ground.

3) Woncavision (television chocolate)

An unusual variation of the teleport was developed by the ingenious pastry chef Willie Wonka in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (6+). His idea was to “split a bar of chocolate into millions of particles, and then broadcast them through the air to all viewers.” And it would be great, sitting on the couch, to reach out to the TV and grab a bar of chocolate, and maybe cornflakes. How wonderful it sounds in words, but you don’t need to be a scientist to understand the absurdity of this theory. After all, waves and particles are different things, and to convert energy into matter, you need an incredible physical impact. However, even in the film, the technology was not perfect – after the transfer, the object greatly decreased in size, so that after such a teleportation a person became the size of a cockroach. The professor from “Darling, I Shrunk Our Children” would definitely appreciate such a design.

4) Memory neutralizer

The main gadget of Men in Black (12+) is an item that allows you to overwrite a person’s memory at will. With the help of this technology, agents J and Kay more than once managed to hide the existence of aliens from earthlings. But it would be great to overwrite the memory of your teacher at the university and say that you have already passed his exam perfectly. Or convince the employer that you made the report. The options for using this thing are simply endless.  already. And they even have positive results in mice that forget the commands learned. Of course, there is no need to expect that such a gadget will appear in the coming years, and indeed in free sale, but be careful – perhaps some of your memories are not real.