The best technology

We have concentrated on our enterprises the most advanced technologies that have proven themselves in Russia and abroad.

High quality casting on RM Rail VKM-Steel is ensured by an automatic line for vacuum-film forming HWS-Santo. The technology works at the expense of dry sand without the addition of any binders, which reduces the volume of mixture waste and reduces the cost of castings. In addition, the surface of the products is less rough (≈100 microns), “hot cracks” are excluded. The line is fully automated, and its maximum productivity is 10 molds per hour.

Thanks to the use of LAEMPE sandblasting rod machines, we can produce rods according to the Cold-Box-Amine process of complex configuration with a mass of up to 120 kg. They have the required strength, minimal crumbling and excellent surface quality. The formation of gas and sand defects in castings is excluded.

The specialized industrial continuous gas-heated furnace of the Thermogram LO series is designed for continuous technological processes of normalization and annealing of railway castings. It provides optimal conditions for heat treatment. Strictly observing the technological regimes, we obtain the best mechanical properties of castings, which correspond to GOST. This is another secret of the quality of our large carriage castings.
The high productivity of the melting section is ensured by three modern electric arc furnaces. Including – an alternating current steelmaking furnace with a capacity of 16 tons manufactured by Thermoset (Italy). It is equipped with an automatic dosing system for feeding ferroalloys,

which eliminates manual labor of steel makers and improves the accuracy of the chemical composition of liquid steel with respect to alloying elements. The water-cooled roof used in the furnace requires a minimum of repairs and helps to reduce the consumption of refractory materials. Due to the increased power of the transformer and the oxygen-coal mixture injection system, the melting time becomes 30-40% shorter.
A new generation shot blasting chamber from Stem (Slovenia) significantly improves the quality of cleaning castings.
At RM Rail Ruzkhimmash, cutting and cutting of metal, including for the processing of sheet and non-ferrous metals, is carried out on laser cutting machines TRUMPF 3040. They are capable of processing sheets with dimensions up to 4000×2000 mm and a maximum metal thickness of up to 18 mm.

Gantry plasma cutting machines with CNC KOIKE are used for processing and cutting sheet metal, including non-ferrous and high-carbon (stainless) steel. Among the advantages are the perfect quality of the cut on the bevels and the complete coincidence with the required parameters.

Technological complex Pilot for shape cutting of rolled metal from low-carbon, high-carbon steels and their alloys, non-ferrous metals and aluminum. The modern development of machine tool builders is equipped with 10 cutters at once, which increase the manufacturing accuracy and cutting speed.

ALIKO hydraulic press brake gives precise bending regardless of the location and length of the product. The plant is equipped with two presses, which ensures uninterrupted round-the-clock production of various parts from sheet and strip products using the cold bending method.

Hydraulic double-acting sheet metal stamping press (P4644) is a unique equipment with a maximum force with a single action – 4000 Tf. It is used for drawing hot and cold forming in the manufacture of elliptical heads, and is also used for sizing and bending parts from sheet blanks.

The VABS welding and assembly portal is the only improved machine of its kind, exclusively presented only in the Ruzkhimmash park. Due to its versatility, it can be used simultaneously for the production of both 40- and 80-foot platforms. Thanks to the pneumatic clamps, the required parameters are available in a wide range. The technology allows working with structures of variable cross-section up to 26 m long, which ensures the reliability of the equipment during operation.

Thermal furnace with a roll-out floor Thermostat (NB 1431; HB 5222) is designed for heat treatment (heating for quenching, annealing) of large products, including tank boilers. The use of a roll-out floor reduces the time for loading and unloading the product and makes the heat treatment process automatic. With dimensions of 20000×5000 mm, the furnace processes devices with a maximum diameter of 3400 mm at a maximum heating temperature of 900 ° C. The five-sided heating system distributes the temperature evenly throughout the chamber.

Preparation of products for coloring takes place in a shot-blasting chamber. Here, paint, rust and scale are removed from the wagons before cladding, gluing, galvanizing and metal spraying, and thus a perfect surface is obtained.

The painting and drying complex has five drying and painting modes. This allows you to achieve a better coating and reduce the drying time: under natural conditions, the car dries for 4-6 hours, in a chamber at a temperature of 60 degrees – only an hour.