11 cutting edge technologies in business


The tech business is always in trend. Robots, artificial intelligence, 5G, virtual reality, online platforms and microservices can all change the way you think about small and medium-sized businesses.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, marketer, or just looking for unique ideas for your startup, this article will guide you into the world of modern business technology.

What is the latest technology in business

New technologies are always at the heart of progress. They give companies the opportunity to grow and develop, and most importantly, to adapt to current conditions. For businesses, innovation is a huge competitive advantage. They increase profits and cut costs, but most importantly, they make the world a really better place and our life more comfortable.

Those companies that worked offline before quarantine are especially vulnerable. They need promising ideas and technologies to move forward. We have prepared an overview of innovations that will help you take your business to the next level or become the basis of a unique startup.

Modern business requires new approaches to interacting with the target audience. Perhaps many clients do not contact you because you have not considered their preferences.  Cal touch widgets and callback make communication easier and more efficient. The button appearance can be adapted to the page design of your site.

Waste recycling

The amount of waste is constantly increasing: from 2016 to 2050, almost 1.4 billion tons of household waste will be added. With industrial waste, everything is much worse: in 2019, 7.75 billion tons were formed in Russia alone.

If the idea of ​​saving the environment is close to you, then use new technologies for waste collection and recycling for your startup. For example, AltruBots has already created a robot that will clean the Chicago rivers, and young scientists from Yakutia have developed special boxes for breeding wax moths that recycle plastic.  As long as there is garbage in the world and there is no global recycling system, such ideas will be beneficial.

ICO projects

ICO is a token (cryptocurrency) that companies issue and sell in order to effectively attract investment. ICOs generate short-term profits that, if properly organized, will lead to long-term revenue. To make the project attractive to investors, offer them an adequate idea, determine the potential, analyze the market and create a business plan. So Bancorp raised $ 140 million in three hours, Telos – $ 137 million in five days, File coin – $ 257 million.

A website that attracts customers and increases income can be of interest to investors as well. After all, before investing money in the development of any business, they study it from all sides. Implement end-to-end Cal touch analytics and investigate the productivity of all advertising channels, site conversion, and the work of managers.


About 30-50% of trading on the Moscow Exchange is generated by trading algorithms. These are robots that automate transactions on the exchange. They work according to a number of rules that help track the moment for the most profitable purchase or sale of assets.

Trading robots are neural networks that act like professional investors. A trader does not need to memorize statistics, follow summaries and perform other routine work. The robot will do all this for him. There are training courses for its development. You can create a trading robot yourself at Slab or Stock #.

Gamification in business

In a pandemic, playgrounds are a place where people can meet and communicate remotely, including on business issues.  However, you can also connect the main audience to this in order to increase loyalty to products / services and stimulate sales.

For example, the Unconventional space opened in 2020.  The trick of this space is that all events, including work meetings, are held in one of the game worlds, and each participant has his own 3D avatar.

This approach allows IPO companies to effectively attract investments, and the investors themselves – to receive interest in profits. However, there are also pre-IPO companies – those that only plan to go public in 1–2 years. It is much more difficult to buy their shares, but it is worth it – the high returns often justify the risks.

Here are some examples of pre-IPO companies that, according to the Alliance Deals marketplace, can be taken into account – SpaceX, Discord, Udemy, Stripe, InstaCart. Investments in a highly risky project should be no more than 5% of your capital.

Development of online platforms

In the context of the pandemic, companies began to more actively realize their potential through online platforms: services like Shopify are suitable for creating online stores and delivering goods, DMS Shop HERE – for cooperation with various partners, Flipkart – to help in accepting online orders in small Indian stores … Online learning platforms like Click meeting create entire classrooms with virtual library, video tutorials, and live streams.

Virtual Offices

New reality offices will free you from paying rent and utilities. Innovative business technologies and online services are now coming to the fore. In the summer of 2020, Microsoft announced that it would permanently close retail stores in favor of the digital market, and Alfa Bank opened the first “office of the future” operating in the cloud.

To create a virtual office, you need modern programs and services. And it’s not so much about Zoom, Teams, Slack and other tools, but about innovative solutions: VDI, remote assistants, VR technologies, meetings with AR elements.

Store virtualization

Forbes conducted a study, the results of which showed that about 40% of buyers are ready to overpay for a product if they are given the opportunity to test it in virtual reality before placing an order. This is a great idea for clothing, footwear, accessories, and even home goods stores.

. Uniqlo, using augmented reality screens instead of mirrors in fitting rooms, Converse with the function of trying on shoes through a smartphone camera, or IKEA with visualization of furniture placement – store virtualization is only gaining momentum.