Criteria for choosing a good gaming laptop to consider when buying

Despite the fact that today manufacturers offer a large selection of powerful gaming computers, many buyers are interested in laptops. The choice of a good gaming device is accompanied by certain difficulties, since an integrated approach is required when assessing its technical capabilities. You should not focus only on some specific characteristics. Here’s how to choose a gaming laptop and how you can save on your purchase.

What is a modern gaming laptop

Gaming laptops have the highest power and best CPU and GPU performance. They can play most modern games at medium to high quality settings. Gaming laptop is not clearly defined. Some users will be satisfied with a device with one ultra-low-voltage processor and integrated graphics from Intel, while for others, such a laptop will not be good enough in terms of performance.

Who is the gaming laptop for?

Gaming laptops are bought by users who want to fully immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality and get the most out of modern games. If the device will be used for other purposes, you should pay attention to universal models. You can also choose a device with certain characteristics (large disk space for storing information, high performance, powerful graphics, etc.)

It’s important to know. Most of the gaming laptop models have an unusual appearance. The body is embossed, and the design uses contrasting colors (for example, black with red or orange).

Gamebook subclasses

GAMING is a transitional option between a regular laptop and a gaming laptop. The device has an expressive gaming design, portability and autonomy.

SLIM GAMING is a gaming Ultrabook that combines a sleek, stylish design with extreme gaming performance.

PRO GAMING is one of the highest classes of gaming equipment. Laptops are designed for gamers who want to play at their best.

HARDCORE GAMING – powerful gaming laptops equipped with the most top-end “filling”. Some models come with a VR headset (virtual reality helmet).

Good gaming laptops come with quality hardware, so they can’t be cheap. The minimum cost of a gaming device should be in the range of 1400-1600 BYN, the best choice is models costing from 2200 BYN and above. The cheapest models are not worth buying, otherwise you will have to play at medium and low graphics settings.

It’s important to know. Typical high-end laptops can be close to gaming laptops in price, but they are not designed for gaming. Therefore, you shouldn’t take anything that costs more than 2200 BYN for gaming laptops.

What characteristics to consider when choosing a gaming laptop

This element should be given maximum attention, since most modern virtual entertainment is still tied to it. It is he who is responsible for the quality and detail of the pact

rue that is displayed on the screen.

For gaming, you need to choose a laptop with a four- or eight-core processor. A powerful processor will guarantee smooth multitasking of the device, it will cope with a variety of tasks without crashing and freezing. Recommended processor models: Intel CORE I5-8300H, INTEL Core I5-9300H, intel CORE I7 9750H.

It’s important to know. You should not choose processors older than 8th generation Intel or with low power, because in a laptop this element cannot be updated.

For a gaming device, the key factor is the speed of the system, namely the processor and video card. Today, you can choose a good laptop for gaming only on a bundle of an Intel processor and an NVIDIA video card, these manufacturers hold the lion’s share of the market.

It’s hard to find truly gaming models among AMD-based devices and Radeon graphics, but they are, below is the best entry-level gaming model.


Random access memory (RAM)

The minimum amount of RAM must be at least 8 GB.  Most laptop models allow you to update this parameter, so if the buyer now does not have the opportunity to purchase 16 GB of RAM, he will be able to “pump” the RAM to the required amount at any time. The need to expand RAM usually arises when old games are no longer fun, and there are not enough resources to install new ones.


Gaming entertainment takes up a lot of disk space, so when buying a laptop, you should pay attention to models with a hard drive capacity of at least 1 TB. Manufacturers are sympathetic to the needs of gamers, so most gaming devices are equipped with spacious disk storage.
An important advantage of modern devices is that you can install a hard drive and an SSD drive on them at the same time. At the same time, an SSD drive is capable of using flash memory, which will positively affect the speed of information processing. The amount of persistent storage can be increased at any time as needed.

Cooling system

This is a very important parameter, since without an effective cooling system, the laptop will get very hot and will soon fail. In addition, the operating frequency of the processor and graphics depends on the heating level. The main tasks of the cooling system include reducing the temperature of other components of the gaming device, including the processor, video card, and chipset.

It is rather difficult to determine the effectiveness of the system according to the characteristics declared by the manufacturer, so you can familiarize yourself with the reviews of other users before buying. You also need to inspect the laptop itself. It is better to make a choice in favor of models that have perforations in the compartment near the main radiator and on the bottom panel. In addition, it is worth paying attention to devices in which the video card and processor are cooled independently of each other.