Digital platforms and new competencies: what saves the global and Russian economies

took place on the resources of the Roscongress Foundation and the Digital Economy organization. Representatives of business and the state discussed the introduction of digital technologies in various spheres of the economy, the prospects for transforming the existing structure of employment of the population, measures of state support for business, as well as the use of digital platforms and digital technologies to increase labor productivity.

In a pandemic, one of the most effective methods of increasing labor productivity is the introduction of digital technologies at all stages of the life cycle of a product or service. Accelerated digitalization and robotization of production are becoming one of the central topics of the cross-sectoral agenda – along with the issue of the prospects for the existing structure of employment of the population.

“The moment for the discussion was chosen ideally,” noted at the start of the discussion Alexei Bobrovsky, Head of the Economic News Service of the Russia 24 TV channel, who moderated the meeting. “We are gradually coming out of quarantine, the situation with the pandemic has not yet been finally resolved, but now we need to analyze the experience of different countries, how digital technologies helped to cope with the conditions of mass isolation of the population and how their further development will help bring the economy out of the crisis.”

World practices

Analysts at the McKinsey Global Institute have estimated the potential for the global economy from the introduction of digital products at $ 13 trillion. dollars until 2030. Maxim Varshavsky, partner of McKinsey & Company, provided the conditions for successfully increasing labor productivity through digitalization from global experience: “Digitalization consists of two elements: creating a new digital business and digitalizing an existing business. Leading companies operate in both directions – they are 2 times more likely to achieve revenue growth of 25% than companies that do nothing or choose one of two directions. ”

According to a McKinsey study, the level of digitalization in world practice varies by industry, and small and medium-sized businesses are very far behind large companies in terms of technology adoption.
It is digitalization that takes a significant place in the plan, including in ensuring the growth of labor productivity. According to the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Petr Zaselsky, according to statistics and international research, labor productivity in Russia is 2 – 3 times lagging behind world leaders. “The state sees the most significant reserves for increasing labor productivity from the use of digital technologies in the manufacturing industry and agriculture. At the same time, the transport and construction industries cannot be discounted, ”the deputy minister said.

Yevgeny Kovner, CEO of the Digital Economy organization, also sees an important role of digital technologies in economic recovery.  Taxi or City Mobil. They made the taxi market transparent, easy to control, and easy to use.

Major players in the domestic market are making a significant contribution to the Russian economy by digitally transforming production and service business processes. “By 2025, as part of the digital transformation strategy, Russian Railways will receive 153 billion rubles from the digitalization effect for itself and 400 billion rubles for the country’s economy, including our partners and members of the Russian Railways ecosystem,” Evgeni Charmin told the participants and listeners of the online session. Director for Digital Transformation, PJSC Russian Railways.

Dmitry Rusinko, Deputy General Director of OZON, told how a store without sellers raised its own performance indicators during the pandemic: “We are a digital company and have developed a platform that allows sellers to sell on our site. According to the latest data, the turnover of our suppliers exceeds 50%, while more than 6.5 million products are presented on the platform. During the pandemic, we have almost doubled the number of suppliers: now there are 60 thousand of them, 20 thousand of them are actively trading. OZON has doubled over the past year, and during the pandemic in April-May, we doubled more. This means that if we did not have modern digital technologies for data analysis, routes, availability of goods in a warehouse, we would need twice as many couriers. But the number of couriers increased by only 25-35% depending on the region, thanks to the technologies that we use. ” Over the past year and a half, thanks to the “digital” OZON has raised the quality of order fulfillment by 25%, reaching 93%.

Mikhail Matador, Deputy General Director of PJSC Kamatz for Government Relations, spoke about a fundamentally new digital platform for the Russian truck industry: “Our own digital solution for orders for the production of both serial and non-standard vehicles is unique for the commercial segment in the automotive industry. It minimizes human involvement, shortens ordering times, and reduces costs. Optimization will not lead to reductions or abandonment of dealers, however, we predict that they will gradually move to the service sector. We encourage small and medium businesses related to service maintenance, dealer and logistics services to work on the basis of our platform. ”

Digitization must be subject to repetitive, routine processes. Technologies make it possible to solve a large volume of tasks, and of the most different level of complexity, says Igor Bogachev, CEO of the Tesira group of companies. “Several weeks ago, Tsifra launched the first Russian industrial robotic dump trucks at the SUEK mining enterprise in Khakassia. A robotic dump truck is only 8% more expensive than a conventional dump truck, and the time it takes to use robotic equipment is 20% more expensive than a conventional dump truck. The dump truck driver turns into the operator of the control center, which can simultaneously control 7 vehicles, ”the expert said at an online discussion.