Digital business transformation


The events of recent years have significantly accelerated the digital transformation of business, because businessmen were forced to use various digital tools that allow online business interaction.

Choosing the right digitalization structure – to increase positive customer reviews and increase the company’s profitability.

External and internal digital transformation

The task of digital transformation is the development of the company’s digital environment, in which all elements will work harmoniously. Many companies in Russia have already learned the new digital reality and have built up-to-date relationships with clients. Against the background of such companies, businesses with outlived models turn out to be inconvenient for relationships. Therefore, the introduction of new technologies is simply a necessity for those who want to stay afloat.

Online business digitalization tools imply a set of technologies and new approaches, which can be divided into two areas:

External algorithms for digital transformation;
Internal algorithms for digital transformation
External digital technologies are aimed at convenient communication with the consumer, expanding the client base, building an image, collecting primary data about the audience. Internal digital corporate transformation tools are aimed at improving business processes, right in the middle of the organization. A full-fledged work of one direction is not possible without the second. If the external digital channel is established, and the internal one is left unchanged, the company will be unable to cope with the incoming flow of requests, which will destroy the new image being created. Conversely, when establishing internal digital processes of an organization, one should focus on the behavioral factor and the needs of existing and potential customers.

Most of the largest Russian companies are using new digital tools to set up effective management. At the same time, digitalization learning models can be completely different.  Let’s consider the most popular transformation technologies and their advantages.

External digital transformation of business

External business transformation are those digital tools that a company uses in the outside world to find, attract and retain customers. First of all, these are processes visible to users aimed at attracting an audience, studying it and retaining it. The digital business models that will be implemented determine the profit, reputation and success of the company.

Social media and their integration with other digital channels

Digital technologies have led to the development of unique online platforms – social networks. This is the main place where millions of users gather at the same time, which means new opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses. Large enterprises have long been using this digital channel of communication with subscribers, using all of its functionality.
Promptly answer questions and resolve conflict situations (if any)
Inform about changes in the product line
Analyze the target audience
Sell ​​goods and services
Drive traffic to the site
Build an image and increase brand awareness
Digital business transformation is impossible without launching corporate social media accounts. Integrate them with your website, newsletters, and other digital tools. These can be links to the company’s official communities on social networks, or call-to-action buttons. For example, share information from the site in your account or like it. Connecting a chatbot helps you make sales without leaving the app. The transfer of digital data from the chat to the control dashboard will allow you to send an order confirmation and an application for sending it.

Website and application

Large business processes cannot do without a website. Make sure that it is easy and understandable for the visitor to use the resource and get acquainted with the product without the participation of the company’s specialists. Place everything you need:

Chat menu for questions
Call order
Buttons for switching to messengers
Application form
Web and mobile push notifications
Subscription forms to grow your subscriber base
Combine various digital business models to determine the most effective ones for your development.

A digital transformation strategy for an existing enterprise could include developing a mobile app. It is able to keep in touch with the customer, increasing loyalty and trust. The application serves as an excellent aggregator for a pure target audience.

Chatbots, e-mail newsletters

A chatbot is a good solution to optimize work processes, saving employees time. You can customize them on almost all social networks and add as many dialogs as you need to bring the client to a deal. Today, the development of a company’s digital strategy is impossible without including the creation of chat bots in it.

Email marketing is a classic enterprise digital transformation. Low maintenance cost, maintaining communication with the customer, simplicity, full automation, the ability to revive the left customer make this method a must-have among digital business solutions.

Internal business transformation

Internal digitalization of a company is a series of innovations to optimize work processes that are used by large companies. By replacing human labor with machine labor, you can harmoniously distribute responsibilities among employees. By improving the internal environment of the company, it is easier to achieve employee loyalty and increase profits.

The more employees, clients, counterparties, the more transactions, which means a large number of documents and internal approvals. EDMS allows digital transformation in the field of workflow and reporting. The software works with electronic documents at all stages: creation, approval, storage. This is a basic business transformation that we will discuss below.