New manufacturing solutions for 3D printing from HP

HP is partnering with L’Oréal, expanding its digital manufacturing network and preparing to expand the commercial availability of HP Metal Jet technology.

Within the framework of the exhibition, a partnership was announced with the world’s largest cosmetics company L’Oréal, the goal of which is to scale industrial additive manufacturing and create completely new packaging for products.

“3D printing technology is opening up a whole new level of personalization. They help make businesses more resilient, more agile, and revolutionize today’s marketplace, ”said Didier Distort, President, Personalization and 3D Printing, HP Inc. “HP is delighted to see the growing AM community at Form NeXT.  We are also actively investing in software and services, expanding the range of opportunities for our partners. ”

HP and L’Oréal will change the beauty industry

As part of the collaboration, it was decided to use HP Multi Jet Fusion technology to quickly implement changes in manufacturing processes. As a result, the companies in a short time developed and set up mass production of universal conveyor equipment – product holders, which allowed L’Oréal to simplify packaging, labeling and movement of goods along the conveyor. This resulted in a 33% cost savings and 66% time savings.

The choice of configuration for product holders proved to be useful during the COVID-19 pandemic – the cosmetics company was able to quickly make changes to the production process, adapting the product to new customer requirements.

At Form NeXT, L’Oréal and HP are showcasing custom holders and unique textures for premium beauty products that are only available with HP 3D printing solutions. Companies are looking at the cutting edge capabilities of the HP Multi Jet Fusion platform to design and manufacture many new products. “We share HP’s commitment to breaking through existing constraints with the latest technology. 3D printing gives us this freedom and allows us to create new user experiences by offering modern solutions for our clients. This collaboration makes our businesses even more flexible. ”

“In large industries such as the cosmetics industry, our customers want to be more flexible and have the right tools to meet the growing demand for personalized products,” said Guyenne SanMar tin, Global Head of HP Multi Jet Fusion. “To date, we have 3D printed over 100 million parts, and the number is constantly growing. We are proud that Multi Jet Fusion continues to grow in popularity during these turbulent times. The network now includes both partners and manufacturing specialists using Multi Jet Fusion technology, who use HP 3D printing solutions to design, manufacture and supply parts in bulk. More than 30 professionals using Multi Jet Fusion technologies provide qualified local manufacturing services.

HP Digital Manufacturing Network partners and part suppliers such as Forecast 3D, Jaws Tec, Were and Zigzag are using HP solutions to simplify the management and automation of complex 3D printing workflows and large-scale AM ​​equipment operations.

In addition, Zigzag took advantage of the HP 3D-as-a-Service (3DaaS) business model to accelerate production scaling through capital investment flexibility, increased business agility and improved adaptability. Wechsler has developed a unique elastomer lattice structure ideal for premium and sports car seats.

Impress: Europe’s largest high-tech orthodontic service network uses the HP Jet Fusion 5210 solution to scale-out clear mouth guards at its new facility in Spain.

2021 Mundus Challenge Finalists: HP customers have used HP Multi Jet Fusion technology for their projects that won this year’s Mundus Challenge. Winners will be announced at Form NeXT.

– ATHOS: preparation for the commercialization of the ideal customized mountaineering shoe that delivers unrivaled comfort and performance.

– Odyssey Music: Travel Saxophone – the world’s smallest and lightest electronic saxophone, used by over 1200 musicians around the world.

Revolutionizing Metal Manufacturing with HP Metal Jet

At Form NeXT, HP will also highlight the development of its Metal Jet technology, including showcasing new parts made with it, and sharing its successes with partners such as GKN and Volkswagen. Specifically, Volkswagen is using the end products made with the HP Metal Jet in the A-pillars of its T-Roc convertible. The parts are crash tested and weigh up to 50% less than traditional components. HP continues to work with partners and customers to uncover the potential for metal 3D printing technology and is gearing up to expand its commercial availability in 2022.

“Our early partners and customers using HP Metal Jet technology, such as GKN, Partech, Volkswagen, Cobra Golf and others, are successfully demonstrating the benefits of this technology in the mass production of metal parts,” said Ramon Pastor, Global Head of HP on 3D metal printing technologies. – We continue to improve our processes, materials and capabilities, and intend to launch this technology into widespread commercial use in 2022.