Choosing a computer: for games, for home, for work

Or are you looking for an inexpensive “workhorse”? Looking to work with photos and videos? In our configurator, you will be able to choose exactly the system that you need. Just select the task and budget, and we will advise you on a good set of components and tell you why you chose them. Try it yourself!

Computer for games. Cost: up to 15 thousand rubles.

You can’t build a gaming computer from scratch cheaper than this amount.

Accessories Model
INTEL Core i3 2120 processor
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-H61M-S1
SAPPHIRE HD 7770 Edition OC graphics card
RAM KINGMAX DDR3 – 2x 2GB, 1333MHz
DVD-RW optical drive
FSP ATX-400PAF power supply
Case Gigabyte GZ-KX5B
The Intel Core i3 2120 processor carries two cores that run at a clock speed of 3300 MHz The third level cache is 3MB. Many may decide that two cores are not enough for a gaming computer today, but this is not the case. In fact, these are all the intrigues of marketers. Of course, it is better that the processor has four cores, and better – six or twelve. But even on a modern high-frequency dual-core processor, modern games behave adequately. Moreover, this processor supports the Hyper-Threading function, which means there will be four threads.

Cooling systems are enough standard. If you buy a processor without a boxed cooler, then take a look at the GLACIALTECH Igloo 1050 Light. Its advantage lies in the manufacturer’s declared noise level of 25 dB at a low cost – about.

The motherboard needs the simplest one. The processor proposed in this assembly does not have an unlocked multiplier, so you will not have to overclock it. The Gigabyte GA-H61M-S1 is a good budget choice.

In a gaming computer, the graphics card is in the first place. SAPPHIRE HD7770 Edition OC is asking for this role. This is the HD 7770 overclocked by the manufacturer, and the overclocking is quite impressive.

For an entry-level gaming computer, four GB of RAM is enough. Take a closer look at the budget kits, consisting of two sticks of two gigabytes with a clock frequency of 1333 MHz

A hard drive is an expensive pleasure. For this assembly, a 500 GB drive will be appropriate. If you do not download games in batches, this is quite enough. Take a closer look at the WD Caviar Blue WD5000AAKX model. Working speed – 7200 rpm.

A powerful power supply is not required. An honest four hundred watts will provide stable performance for a computer of this level. FSP has always stood out among budget, but high-quality manufacturers. Pay attention to the FSP ATX-400PAF.

The case should be simple but of high quality. It is also necessary that the case be equipped with seats for additional cooling.

Computer for games. Cost: up to 20 thousand rubles.

With twenty thousand rubles, already really game assemblies begin, which will pull most games at maximum settings in the popular Full HD resolution.

Accessories Model
Intel Core i5 2320 processor
Motherboard ASUS P8H61-M LX2
AMD Radeon HD 6930 1GB Graphics
RAM DDR3 2x 4GB, 1333MHz
Hard drive 750 GB, SATA III
DVD-RW optical drive
Power supply unit HIPRO HPC500W-Active
Case Gigabyte GX-KX5B
For twenty thousand rubles, of course, you cannot assemble the fastest computer in the world, but you will definitely be able to play on such a configuration, and even with comfort.

It is strictly not recommended to purchase a dual-core processor for a gaming computer. There is also no point in overpaying for more expensive versions. The fact is that the version with an unlocked multiplier does not fit into this budget, and you will not notice the “extra” 100 megahertz. A 6MB L3 cache and a high 3000 MHz clock speed will provide sufficient performance for modern games.

The cooling included in the delivery set will cope with its task and does not require replacement. However, if you buy a processor without packaging, then you will not be provided with a set of cooling systems.  Among the offers of this company, you can find inexpensive coolers costing about 250 rubles, which will definitely be enough to cool this processor. Since this processor is not intended for overclocking, the heat dissipation will never go beyond the TDP and money will be wasted.

The AMD Radeon HD 6930 is a great choice for an entry-level gaming PC. It supports all modern technologies, including the popular DirectX 11. Please note that there are various modifications for any video card; some of them differ only in clock speeds, while others differ in the cooling system. Here to each his own: someone an extra frame in the game, and someone blissful silence. By the way, usually, this video adapter overclocks perfectly.

If you want your computer not to be reminded of your presence with oppressive noise, it is recommended to look closely at video cards with alternative cooling systems.

The recommended amount of RAM is 8 GB in a 2 x 4 GB configuration, i.e. two modules of four gigabytes each. Here’s where you can safely save is in RAM. There is no need to pay extra for high frequencies and ultra-low timings, usually accompanied by titanic cooling systems. Unfortunately, expensive RAM will not add to your gaming performance, unlike a more powerful video card or processor. Thus, a clock frequency of 1333 MHz is quite enough, everything else will be just a useless overpayment. You can take a closer look at manufacturing firms: PATRIOT, Kingman, Hynix, Samsung, Kingston.