Choosing a 2021 gaming computer

Recommended assemblies from 30 to 400 thousand rubles

The outgoing year has both pleased and upset all PC gamers. On the one hand, a lot of new “hardware” came out, and on the other, because of the newly collapsed ruble, even the old one has risen in price. And even worse, almost all new video cards and processors are in dire shortages. Therefore, we had to not only increase the budget for each of the assemblies, but even include the option with used components – this is the only way to buy a gaming PC for less than 35 thousand rubles. In addition, new items from AMD were included only in the maximum assembly, since they are too expensive for now.

Nevertheless, further 5 carefully selected system blocks for any wallet and for different needs are waiting for you.

Ultra-budget assembly (up to 35 thousand rubles)

Unfortunately, today a budget computer for games will cost 50 thousand rubles. For many, this is a large amount, so we decided to partially select used components for the first configuration. But now it has a full-fledged discrete graphics card, and not an integrated graphics core! If you play only in popular online projects or are ready to significantly reduce the settings in AAA projects, then you can also please the Radeon RX 580 for 4 gigabytes or GeForce GTX 1060 for 3 gigabytes.

It is better to take new storage and power supply units, since used devices of this category can have too many problems with dubious savings. We take 4-core processors with a frequency of about 4 gigahertz, and motherboards – on older chipsets for the possibility of an upgrade in the future (and they cost a little more on Aviso). Well, you can leave the old case altogether or find absolutely any cheapest one. Therefore, the total amount may come out even less than 35 thousand.

Budget build (up to 50 thousand rubles) – 1080p  30 FPS

This assembly differs little in performance from the previous one, but here all the hardware is new and more modern. The GTX 1650 Super and RX 5500 XT video cards will allow you to run even new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla-level titles at high settings, but you should rather count on 30 FPS. As a platform, you will have to take the previous generations of the middle class in order to fit into the budget. But they still have a reserve for an upgrade – the R7 3700X and i7-9700K are still very good. We also doubled the size of the SSD and removed the hard drive – you probably have an old PC from which you can borrow an HDD. If not, then drop 3000 and buy WD10EZRZ from the previous build.

Gaming PC for 1000 dollars (up to 80 thousand rubles) – 1080p 60 FPS / sports

The assembly according to the popular formula “a good gaming PC costs a thousand dollars” turned out to be too controversial. We failed to install the older chipsets, and the AMD platform still remained on the previous generation. In the meantime, the price tag for the RTX 3060 It has not settled down, you will have to take a noticeably weaker RTX 2060 Super or an analogue in the form of a Radeon RX 5700. Unless the processors are very decent for their money – 6 physical cores with a frequency of about 4 GHz are enough for most games today. …

But in general, at the end of 2020, the formula probably does not work.

Optimal build at the end of 2020 (up to 150 thousand rubles) – 1440p  60 FPS + ray tracing

Not so long ago, for that kind of money, you could build a gaming machine of your dreams, but now it is more likely to get a computer with a good margin for Quad HD and the ability to admire ray tracing. Until now, there are no new video cards from AMD on sale for reasonable money – I had to put GeForce in both assemblies. For the same 52 thousand, only the Radeon RX 5700 XT is offered, which in an expensive PC today looks the most meaningless acquisition, since it does not support ray tracing.

But the rest of the hardware turned out to be very decent: pre-top processors, one of the best air cooling systems from Noctua, reliable motherboards from ASUS, 32 GB of RAM, an ultra-fast SSD from Samsung and a reasonably expensive Corsair power supply with a gold certificate.

The savings in this build are even more relevant. Instead of the new RTX 3060 Ti at an inadequate price, you can look for a used RTX 2080 thousand for 40 thousand. You can also get by with a 500 gigabyte SSD from the previous build and 16 gigabytes of RAM. Then it will be possible to keep within 120 thousand rubles.