New Toshiba TVs: modern technology and consistent design

Toshiba presents a new line of TVs for 2013. New products include budget HDTVs of the L1353 / 54, L2353 and W2353 series, L4353, L6353 and L7363 models with support for Toshiba Cloud TV services, as well as L9363 Ultra HD TVs.

The design emphasizes the lightness and thinness of the devices
“Less is more” is one of the most important aspects of Toshiba’s new style, which should emphasize its aesthetics. The simple shapes of the new design are intended to emphasize the slimness of the devices. The use of extremely thin frames, mounts and stands are prime examples of this style.

The corresponding elements of the new style are used in the creation of accessories, packaging and even a new graphical interface. The icons and buttons of the new TV remote controls have been redesigned to better match the devices for which they were released, while remaining as user-friendly as possible. Also, an intuitive, simple and modern interface has become the visual accent of the new Toshiba Cloud TV portal, support for which first appeared on the L4353, L6353, L7363 and L9363 TV series.

Available TVs from the L1353 / 54, L2353 and W2353 series
These models are perfect for the role of the second (or even third) TV set in an apartment or house. The diagonal size of the L1353 / 54 is 22 “, Full HD resolution is supported, two body colors are available – black and white; the L2353 model offers 32”, 39 “and 50” diagonals, the resolution is also Full HD; The W2353 is a 32-inch HD Ready (720p) TV. All models of this segment use LED-backlit screens, digital tuners supporting the DVB-T2 / C standard are installed. L2353 and W2353 differ in the presence of MHL port and type of backlighting – Direct LED (L1353 / 54 has Edge LED backlighting).

Buyers of L4353, L6353 and L7363 series will be able to join the world of Smart TV cloud services
With the introduction of the L4353, L6353 and L7363 series TVs, Toshiba is once again expanding the range of options available to the buyer, both in terms of screen size and design, as well as in terms of features and technologies used. What’s more, the L7363 series TVs are capable of displaying 3D content in Full HD resolution thanks to stereoscopic technology using active shutter glasses. And the 2D to 3D conversion mode allows you to get the maximum pleasure even when watching programs and movies that were originally recorded in 2D format. It should be noted that there is something in common that Toshiba HDTVs have in common: they all offer unique picture enhancement features developed by the specialists of the company. For example, Active Motion & Resolution (AMR) 50, 100 or 200, which ensures smooth video playback and clear images even in the most dynamic scenes from movies and sports programs. All models are supplied with built-in Wi-Fi modules supporting Widia 3.5 and Miracast, digital DVB-T2 / C tuners (in the case of L7363 models – a DVB-T2 / C / S tuner), equipped with MHL connectors. Recording of TV programs is supported, there are also interfaces that allow you to easily rewrite and play content from various devices.

L4353 TVs are supplied with screens of the following diagonals: 32 “, 39”, 50 “; L6353 – with diagonals of 32” and 40 “; L7363 will be equipped with screens of 40”, 50 “and 58”.

Toshiba L9363 – the second generation of Ultra HD (UHD) TVs
Toshiba is proud of the new Ultra HD (3840×2160 pixels) LED-backlit 3D TV series. Available in three screen sizes, 84 “, 65” and 58 “, Toshiba’s CEVOTM 4K multi-core processors deliver unmatched playback quality for movies, TV, video games and photos. with crystal clear and smooth images allow viewers to sit closer to the TV without compromising the perception of the picture – TVs from the L9363 series can be installed even in small rooms.


L9363 series TVs are capable of reproducing content that has been recorded at lower resolutions – Toshiba CEVOTM 4K processor paired with “Resolution +” technology converts images on the fly. which is usually seen when watching sports and action films.  Panels with diagonals 84 “and 65” are built on the basis of passive technology, and for viewing 3D on a 58-inch model, glasses with active LCD shutters (glasses included with all three models) 2D to 3D conversion with stereo depth control comes in handy when you need to give a “new dimension” to old DVD or Blu-ray movies.

L9363 TVs also have Widia 3.5 and Miracast modules, DVB-T2 / C / S digital tuner, Wi-Fi adapter, MHL port, media connectors, access to Toshiba Cloud TV Smart services.

Toshiba Cloud TV Cloud Services
Toshiba Cloud TV is a wide range of new cloud services for Toshiba TV users. The L4353, L6353, L7363 and L9363 series offer a completely new TV viewing experience to their owners. Toshiba Cloud TV services will help the user create a home entertainment environment that is most adapted to his interests and needs, with access to social networks and recommended content. Viewers can easily navigate electronic TV program (EPG) or networked devices with pre-recorded serials, TV shows, movies and sports programs using a powerful search tool. In addition to a variety of useful applications, such as a full web browser or Skype, Toshiba TV owners will be offered social services ranging from Family Calendar (family calendar) and Personal Messaging (private messages) to custom tweets that are dynamically updated when the channel changes or program guide. The Toshiba Cloud TV interface matches the sophisticated design style of this TV series and is elegant, simple and easy to use.