Top: 8 new technologies of 2020

And every year there are innovations of various techniques and other things. Electronics and systems of the new era seem to take over the world. What awaits humanity in the coming 2020? Consider the coming robotization invasion right now. [Dasher hardstyle = “hr.-fade”]

1) “Pharmacists robots”

Many, probably, have seen films about robots from famous filmmakers, but no one could have thought that cinema would soon become a reality. If at one time such films were born for fun, now robotization fills the real world. On the one hand, robots are possibly useful, but they are already created for real tasks. The main purpose of these machines is to replace some human professions in order to make life easier for people. But the idea itself will not appeal to all especially workers of some professions. In some countries, there are already robotic waiters, cashiers, spy robots and even teachers. But, in late 2020 and early 2021, the creators of automated machines want to replace pharmacists and doctors. To date, there are already several models of robots performing operations and a single copy of a pharmacist robot. Whether such technologies will be useful, no one knows yet. [Dasher hardstyle = “hr.-fade”]

2) “Automated garden”

There are already smart homes in the world that are filled with various electronic sensors that make life easier for a person. Perform simple tasks in the form of preheating the kettle, and the system will be able to start the alarm with ease. But the nonsense of 2020 will be another version of a smart system that can grow a garden, vegetables and fruits. This technology is able to cope with various difficulties in the care of vegetation. The Smart Garden system can control lighting, temperature, watering schedules, rodent safety, and even decorative lighting for beauty.  But such a modern technology was created in order not to burden people’s time and at the same time become the main assistant in gardening.

3) Computer holographic bracelet

The idea with a smart computer in the form of a hologram bracelet sounded back in 2015, but the developers did not reach the full implementation of the gadget. At this time, the Chinese were creating semblances of a holographic clock, which ended in complete failure. The hype around such new electronics quickly ran and caused great emotions of discontent among people waiting for the novelty. But after a while in 2020, this idea was revived again among the developers to recreate such a gadget that will cause real delight among all mankind. The planning and development of such a bracelet is expected to be fully sold to consumers for the period 2020 -2021. [dasher hardstyle = “hr.-fade”]

4) Consumer 3D printer

Nowadays, there are already several variations of the so-called 3D printers that can create souvenirs, small products and models from different materials. But over the years, 3D machine development has expanded to include additional materials such as stone, wood, and other mixtures. The price for this technique with more extensive materials and functions is very high. But, despite this, they want to make these machines slightly expensive and create for consumer purposes. That is, a person who has such a printer can create the necessary consumer goods for himself. Therefore, the plans for the developers of such technology in 2020 to create new schemes for the production of consumer 3D machines at an affordable price. [Dasher hardstyle = “hr.-fade”]

5) Modular refrigerator (redesigned)

Samsung has already unveiled its line of future technologies in refrigerators. Modular transformer refrigerators will be able not only to form shelves and a storage room, but also to change their color. The company presented an example of refrigerators for the near future and is preparing to release its new and extraordinary line at the end of 2020. [dasher hardstyle = “hr.-fade”]

6) Electronic implanted microchips

New technologies will expand between human and electronic communications. To be more precise, specialized implanted microchips will be created. It will be possible to control gadgets, TV and various electronics with the help of the brain. New technology for the development of such microchips is already in the midst of planning and preparation for creation. [Dasher hardstyle = “hr.-fade”]

7) Drones delivery

Many people have already met a funny “drone” that can float in the air. But such electronics from ordinary entertainment will be released for more serious purposes. In America, mail drones already exist and have launched that deliver mail directly to the recipient’s doorstep. A massive invasion of mini robots is planned to be launched as a line for delivering food to your home. In order not to wait for the courier while he delivers the hot pizza, the drone will deliver it by air without traffic jams and in a short time. Also, the creators of mini robots are planning to improve and modify little helpers for long flights. [Dasher hardstyle = “hr.-fade”]

8) Two-story “smart” washing machine

The Chinese company “Haier” has already shown the world a new smart washing machine. Its feature is that the machine is equipped with two compartments for quick washing. To be more precise, it will become easier to erase in two drums at once. Also, the haier washing machine has a smart function that will tell you how much detergent you need for washing. In addition, it has built-in additional functions for steaming things with hot steam and other useful modes. And the bonus of such a washing machine is remote control from a distance. [Dasher hardstyle = “hr.-fade”]