New Apple Products. What are the differences from previous models? What was presented?

By tradition, a large-scale presentation of new technology from Apple took place in September. This is one of the most anticipated launches of every year, because every show by a giant like Apple is followed by a massive shift in the mobile and digital marketplace. However, this year, users noted minimal changes in the gadgets of the company itself, which means, most likely, they will not bring changes to the market. The presentation was held online, this is due to pandemic restrictions and Apple’s concern for the health of its employees. This attitude does not appeal to regular users of devices, since, according to the comments, this way the effect of expectation and surprise is lost. The video presentation was filmed and edited in advance, the sound was superimposed on top, despite all the special effects, users like to watch the live performance more.

The presentation did not start with the introduction of the anticipated iPhone 13; instead, the new iPad was the first to hit the scene. This is the budget version of the usual tablet computer. It is designed for work and study. The cost was reduced due to the use of the previous generation processor – A13 Bionic. The same processor was used in the iPhone 11, the flagship of 2020. Nevertheless, despite the previous year’s processor, Apple has managed to maintain and even increase the performance of the new iPad. According to the manufacturer’s assurances, the power of the device has increased by 20%. For comfortable work with the device, the display has received True Tone technology. The use of this technology reduces eye strain during prolonged contact with the device by reducing the influence of blue light. The official sale will be available in two versions of the gadget, differing in the amount of built-in memory.

A cheaper 64 GB model, and more convenient for those who store a large number of files – 256 GB. The choice remains between the WIFI module and the cellular communication module, which will allow you not to depend on the availability of wireless Internet around and work from anywhere in the world. The cost of the new iPad starts at 30 thousand rubles for the 64 GB version with WIFI support, the best configuration will cost the user 57 thousand rubles, it includes 256 GB of internal memory and a cellular module. The next product at the presentation was the iPad mini. It hasn’t received an update since 2019, which is why it became the star of the presentation as it received the most differences from the previous model. Thus, the new iPad mini 6 got rid of the Home button in the first place and acquired a frameless screen for ease of use. The new generation has a 5G module, which is not so needed in Russia yet,

but it can become a good investment in the future and will be useful for travelers. Due to the frameless display, the size of the device has not changed, and the screen received a diagonal of 8.3 inches. In addition to the screen size, the maximum allowable brightness has also increased, which made the tablet more convenient for use outside the home. In order for iPad mini 6 to be able to work outside the home as long as possible, the battery capacity was also increased. Together, the updated battery and processor provide 40% more power than its predecessor, which is undoubtedly the strong point of such a small device. The Lighting port has been replaced by Type-C, a major step forward for Apple’s change. Now Apple devices use at least three different types of chargers, which causes inconvenience to regular users of the company’s full-fledged ecosystem. In the future, the company can either abandon wires altogether, or switch to a Type-C connector in all devices. The new camera will allow you to shoot photos and videos in 4K format,

which will be a definite plus for those who use the tablet for creative, work and educational tasks. Also on the positive side is support for the second generation Apple Pencil, a stylus or an electronic pen must be purchased separately, but such a gadget greatly simplifies the use of a tablet computer as a notebook. For storing all files, there is a version with 256 GB of internal memory, for smaller users there is an opportunity to save money by purchasing an iPad mini with 64 GB. The Apple Watch line was continued in the 7th generation. The body has not changed, but the display bezels have been reduced, which makes the device more comfortable in everyday use. Watch faces have been updated, there are more of them, and users can choose from more personalization options. According to the manufacturer, even the most unusual dial will be protected even better than in the previous version due to the unique coating on the display. However, no official tests were presented, so it remains only to wait for reviews from bloggers to check this statement. For the Russian market, prices have not been announced, in the United States the minimum cost of a new generation watch starts at $ 400.

The watch has already gained notoriety thanks to the incident with the updated keyboard, due to which the developer sued the company, citing the identity of its design and the new Apple Watch keyboard. The final solution to the conflict has not yet been found and made public. At its presentation, Apple did not forget to mention several times about the services provided by subscription. These services are Apple TV, Apple Music and Fitness +. Subscription to the latter is given as a gift for pre-ordering 7th generation watches. Subscriptions provide significant benefits to regular users of the Apple ecosystem, and the company receives additional permanent income from them, so the company simply could not help reminding them about them at the presentation. Subscribe to in Google News, Yandex. News and our public on the social network VKontakte, follow the latest news from Perm and the Perm Territory.