Which technology will be key in smartphones in 2021

In the development of any technology, there are times when something slows down. This also happened in the case of smartphones. Remember how a few years ago we were reported from the stage every year about a twofold increase in productivity. Now 20-30% is already a good result. And so with everything, except, perhaps, folding and rolling screens. However, it is too early to talk about this, since the technology can hardly be called mass and successful. Electrochromic technologies may become the next development trend in the new year. We first met them almost a year ago, but with a high degree of probability right now we can say that the time has come.

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In January of this year at CES 2020, OnePlus announced the Concept One smartphone, which features a glass back with electrochromic technology. So you can hide cameras on the body of your smartphone and make it change color, almost without wasting precious battery energy. Right now, it is OnePlus and OPPO that are working the most on this technology, although other manufacturers also do not forget about it and keep in mind that it is possible to earn money from it. So, we must not miss the moment.

There are indications that this technology could be the next trend in the mobile phone industry next year. According to the well-known source Digital Chat Station, electrochromic technology, first introduced in Concept One, will be used on many phones in the next year.  It is reported that testing of this technology has already begun.

The first thing that comes to mind is the appearance and the fact that you can simply diversify your device. You can just pick a color, get it with updates, or even buy it from your smartphone. It sounds interesting, but this technology has another interesting application.

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The electrochromic back panel color will allow the back panel color to change depending on what happens to the smartphone. So he will be able to signal that someone is calling, the battery is low or there is an unread message. This is already more interesting and will perfectly replace the boring and outdated LED dots on the front panels of smartphones.

The OnePlus Concept One has an electrochromic back panel that is monitored and consumes only 2-3 mash in one hour. This is the value that can be neglected, even if the smartphone is simply in standby mode.

Of course, the use of such elements can increase the cost of smartphones and their repair, but at current prices, the extra $ 50 to the price of the flagship will change little, and many users will be willing to pay for something interesting. You just need to understand that you will have to abandon the plastic cases, for which Samsung has been so “drowning” lately. Judging by your comments on the Galaxy S21 article, you liked Samsung’s solution, but the plastic is not compatible with the electrochromic coating.

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It is worth noting that there is no fantasy or excessive futurism in the technology. It has already found its way into aviation, office buildings and even automobiles. Now it looks like it’s time for smartphones.

It would be interesting for me to see this as something new and really technological. Moreover, if it is already in use and there are enough developments in this area. It is only necessary that someone decided and applied it not in one model, but in a whole line. It is desirable that it be one of the big three manufacturers.

This is the only way to somehow break the vicious circle of stagnation of modern mobile technologies. Once again, foldable smartphones are expensive and are still more like a concept that is not suitable for daily use. Well, changing the color of a smartphone is really cool.