I confess that there could be many more reviews of Dell gaming laptops on our website. The last time in the test lab was the Inspiron 7567 – it was back in 2017. Believe me, the editors are not to blame for the lack of reviews of new Dell products. Meanwhile, such models as the G5 5590 have become famous in Russia for their low price and good performance. And now the long-awaited novelty has finally arrived to us – the G7 17 (7700) model. Let’s see if this Dell series of gaming bugs becomes just as popular.

Technical characteristics, equipment and software

The table below clearly shows that on sale all over the world you will find a huge number of modifications of the G7 17 – six NVIDIA graphics accelerators, as well as three Intel Core chips, are included in the updated Dell laptop series. Let’s add here the moment that laptops are equipped with batteries of different capacities, different displays, and also have a different set of connectors (both external and internal) and controllers – it’s easy to get confused.

Well, to our test laboratory, which is good news, came far from the most sophisticated version of Dell G7 17. The laptop uses a 6-core Core i7 and a full version of GeForce RTX 2070. The computer has 16 GB of DDR4-2933 RAM and a terabyte solid state drive. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, I did not find such a modification on sale, but the exact same version with an RTX 2070 in Max-Q design – Dell G7 17 7700 (G717-2482) – could be bought in Moscow retail for 130,000 rubles – this is one of the lowest prices for models with such graphics and the lowest among the versions with a 17-inch screen, according to Yandex. Market.

The set with the laptop came with an external power supply with a capacity of 240 W and a weight of about one kilogram – a rather large and generally redundant “brick” for the test version. I have long wanted to see sources that are 500-600 grams lighter, and in general, such a 180 W model will be quite enough. On the other hand, we are dealing with a heavy and bulky “seed” – a kind of substitute for a desktop in the house, which is unlikely to travel often with its owner.

Appearance and input devices

I think the design of the Dell G7 17 is recognizable. This is austerity in appearance, but with a touch of futurism. The second epithet, however, suggests itself for all laptops in which the display lid hinges are located as close to the center as possible. The screen seems to be levitating above the body.

I like the laptop not only externally, but also in terms of build quality. I will say standard words: the case does not play, does not creak, does not bend – and, for example, I am not at all repulsed by the fact that the parts of the Dell G7 17 are partially made of plastic. The pleasant-to-touch dusting hides where the case is made of aluminum (lid, area with the keyboard, ends on the right and left), and where – from plastic (everything else). However, grease, fingerprints and dust on a black background are clearly visible – you need to constantly look after your laptop.

The manufacturer claims that “the G7 17 has a slim body,” but this is not entirely true.  It is important that the weight of the model, depending on the configuration, varies from 2.85 to 3.29 kg, and do not forget that you will also have to carry a kilogram power supply unit with you. Unfortunately, the test sample does not support the USB Power Delivery function.

The beautifully designed front and rear panels complete the memorable look of the Dell G17 17. The entire front wall has RGB backlighting – the most popular feature in gaming laptops lately.

But the small frames on the top and on the sides of the screen please me – this is also a de facto standard in modern laptops, but with it any models look much nicer.

As I said, different modifications of the Dell G17 17 received a different set of connectors. The assembly with the GeForce GTX 1650 It does not have a Thunderbolt 3 interface – it implements only one USB 3.2 Gen2 C-type port. And in this modification, a simple gigabit controller is used.

One of the three USB

There’s also an SD card reader here! Rays of goodness to all manufacturers who don’t get rid of this very useful adapter. Although such laptops are getting smaller every day, alas.

The G17 keyboard has a numeric keypad. Next to it you will find the proprietary A / B / C / D buttons – you can “hang” any functions (macros) on them using the proprietary Alienware Command Center software. On the left there is a Game Shift button, which activates the “loud” mode of the laptop of the same name. All buttons are RGB backlit and divided into four independent zones.

On the whole, it turns out to be quite convenient to work and play with the keyboard of the “seventeenth”. The keys, which should be large, are large. And there are no “perversions” like “let’s make Ctrl less than the little finger”.

The side screws, when unscrewed, simultaneously raise the bottom, so you don’t have to “poke around” with something thin and flat – all that remains is to carefully detach the base from the rest of the case.

The previous generation G-laptops used a cooler with four heat pipes – while they were attached to two overall heatsinks. In our case, only three heat pipes are used, and one of the radiators has become noticeably smaller. But the test model uses pretty hot components.