Gaming system requirements for the best games of 2020

Before you start playing the most famous games of the year, we advise you to check if your system meets the recommended gaming requirements.
Instead, it is recommended that you evaluate whether your system is capable of running each individual game at your preferred quality.

Without the right hardware, you can lose the benefits of these improvements.

Below we have compiled the recommended requirements for some of this year’s most famous games. They will help you find out what hardware you need to enjoy the gameplay.

Cyberpunk 2077 is the much-anticipated game from CD Project Red. She brings to life the universe of the Cyberpunk board game. Cyberpunk 2077 promises a deep system of character development using cybernetic implants, an exciting story where the player’s decisions will influence the gameplay, and an open world saturated with beams of neon light.

Marvel’s Avengers gives you the opportunity to play the role of titled and iconic superheroes as you progress through an exciting single player storyline. With a large number of enemies on the screen, large-scale special effects and destructible elements of the environment, battles for the greatest heroes of the Earth have never been so pleasing to the eye.

This is a third-person adventure in which Alloy explores the vibrant landscapes of the Earth of the future and battles mechanical life forms in a vast open world. Horizon Zero Dawn looks amazing with PC-exclusive features such as increased frame rates, more complex vegetation interaction and support for ultra-wide displays that let you immerse yourself in this beautiful post-apocalyptic world.

Riot Games ‘first-person shooter VALORANT is an addictive game based on a combination of tactics and the use of heroes’ abilities, with very intense combat between players. This means that it can be played at high frame rates on most modern PCs, which is important for shooters in which players fight each other.

Call of Duty: Warzone, a free addendum to last year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royal game, creates a myriad of situations in which players need to be smart in a first-person shooter game. With up to 150 players on the map at the same time, high-quality textures and modern lighting effects, every encounter in the game looks amazing.

The levels are enhanced with visual detail, and a new dynamic lighting system fills the forest and desert caves with color.

Powered by the same Decima engine used in Horizon Zero Dawn, Hideo Kojima’s surreal courier simulator in a post-apocalyptic world is now available on PC. With increased frame rates, more graphics settings, and of course support for higher resolutions and ultra-wide displays, high-quality character models and a vast open world look amazing. Building bridges has never been more spectacular.

The third installment of the long-awaited PC franchise proves just how far RPGs have progressed. While continuing the tradition of its predecessors with a focus on character and story, Baldur’s Gate 3 brings modern innovations to the series, such as multiplayer playability, highly detailed character and environmental models, and an intricate story that lives up to expectations. players on the PC.

The latest game in a long-standing strategy series allows players to plunge into the chaos and legendary myths of the Trojan War. The game was designed to use multiple processor cores. This made it possible to improve environmental effects such as complex water and grass models, allowing the player to dive deeper into the epic and reimagined events that took place in Ancient Greece.

Keeping the system up to date

Remember, the above specifications are just guidelines.

However, if you familiarize yourself with the system requirements of game developers in advance, it will better prepare your system to run games at the quality you want to get the best experience from them.

If some of the games you want to play don’t work as expected, you can troubleshoot your system or purchase a laptop or desktop PC that provides the performance you need.