Lenovo Introduces New Smart PCs to the ThinkPad Lineup

At the MWC Barcelona 2019 in Barcelona, ​​Lenovo announced the latest updates to its ThinkPad product line with the addition of the T490s, T490, T590, X390 and X390 YOGA models. Lenovo is introducing new Lenovo 14w models with Windows 10 and Lenovo 14e Chromebooks to improve productivity.

The design and engineering layout of the devices is based on Lenovo’s core principles, and the ThinkPad T and X line of notebooks rightfully inherit the motto: “Innovation that benefits consumers.”

The workplace is changing rapidly, and users are looking forward to new devices that will bring connectivity to the next level, making the laptop the centerpiece of the digital wardrobe. The latest ThinkPad models keep users connected with LTE-A wireless, and protect data with ThinkShield. The devices deliver a premium consumer experience with high-definition displays, Dolby Audio ™ Premium audio and updated ThinkPad keyboards.

The all-new look of the ThinkPad T and ThinkPad X series includes many options that provide users with a complete device experience:

ThinkShield options including ThinkPad Privacy Guard with Privacy Alert and Think Shutter physical camera security available on most models;
new ThinkPad BIOS with self-healing capability;
high-speed WWAN block for the best communication with the outside world provides connection speeds up to gigabits and is built with the Fibocom L860-GL CAT16 LTE solution in the ThinkPad T490 model;
paired microphones with a sensitivity radius of 4 meters and a coverage range of 360 degrees;
high-resolution display with Dolby Vision ™ support on all ThinkPad T-series devices;
new display with lower power consumption on ThinkPad T490s and T490;
the latest modifications of the eighth generation Intel® Core ™ processors.
To date, more than 140 million ThinkPad’s have been sold worldwide. The basic tenet of this product has always been a focus on design and engineering excellence. This allowed us to provide users with the highest level of comfort and usability, long service life, and maximum data security for portable devices. In 2019, we took an approach called Intelligent Connectivity as a basis and use these principles in our engineering developments.

Universal connectivity – stay connected

A new generation of technology-valued users is entering the job market. These employees want to combine work with everyday life without changing their habits and preferences. For them, both professional issues and interaction on social networks, communication in messengers are important, so they need to stay in touch constantly. All ThinkPad models are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and optional LTE-A.

Taking connectivity to the next level, the ThinkPad T490 supports CAT16 LTE-A with 4×4 UltraConnect antenna for gigabit speeds and maximum signal stability.  These solutions for accessing data in a dense information environment enable users to increase their productivity.

Wherever you are, stay protected

The online world is full of threats and dangers. We often hear about hacking and data theft, violation of personal digital rights.  But with every launch of a laptop, access to the Internet, participation in video conferencing, users can disclose confidential data.

To help protect user information, Lenovo uses ThinkShield:

Match-on-Chip – fingerprint scanner – provides increased security, since the biometric impression does not leave the chip, which makes the procedure for logging into a personal account and working on the network more reliable;
Think Shutter is a physical camera cover solution available on all camera variants, protecting you from hackers connecting to surveillance;
ThinkPad Privacy Guard protects your screen from third-party viewing. It is enough to press a button – and the application narrows the side viewing angles, making the image on the screen visible only to the user.
Privacy Alert is an option that can alert the user if someone is peeping over the shoulder.
The most important change is the introduction of a graphical user interface that makes it easier to navigate the BIOS. A host of BIOS security and manageability enhancements give users and IT administrators new customization options.

Administrators can remotely set passwords for supervising or privileged access at the BIOS security level.
You can restrict access to ports, securely erase data from the drive using Secure Wipe, or remotely control system startup via WIFI PXE Boot or HTTPs Boot.
The most impressive new feature is self-healing. The new BIOS is able to independently return to the required backup in case of damage or attack from a virus. This protects users from low-level code-level hacker attacks.

Our senses give a unique experience with the device

The highest level of user experience is achieved through sound and visual sensations. Lenovo engineers are obsessed with the task of creating thin and light notebooks with the best displays, great sound, voice output and the legendary ThinkPad keyboard.

The monitor with 500 nits contrast ratio and Dolby Vision ™ support creates images with incredible color saturation, contrast and brightness for the best viewing experience. We also designed a low power consumption monitor with 400 nits brightness and low temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) technology for longer battery life.

VOIP audio conferencing can sometimes be accompanied by problems such as poor audio quality, voice distortion, or background noise. They significantly improve the quality of work at VOIP conferences, especially in situations when a lot of people are involved in the call, and the call itself takes place in a noisy room. Dolby Audio ™ Premium dramatically improves outgoing sound.