LG TVs – Latest Technologies and Trends

Technology manufacturers are relentlessly improving their products. So, one of the leading manufacturers of equipment, a South Korean company, creates LG TVs for every taste and in different price categories.

Why does everyone choose LG TVs?

Today LG ranks second in the production of TVs, which can be called rather multifunctional centers.

Manufacturability – models of any line can boast of this quality. Even budget options are created with advanced technology solutions. No wonder the company is called a pioneer in the field of television innovation: OLED technology is combined with HDR and Dolby Vision. That is, with an LG TV, you will have a real studio with an unrivaled image at home.

Value for money. LG has a sound pricing policy. That is, the declared cost is the minimum payment for high image quality, stylish design and wide connectivity of peripheral devices.

Huge selection of models. In the assortment of TVs, you can easily choose an option – in terms of cost, function, style. It is quite possible to find models from the lines released several years ago. Such a choice will allow you to save money, or spend a little more, but get a better picture and sound.

If we compare the percentage of malfunctions that occur with LG TVs, then it is much lower than that of the flagships of this market segment. In addition, service is top notch in all countries.

Top TV

OLED models released this year have 20% more brightness than previous ones. Outstanding contrast, incredible color gamut, instant responsiveness and fluidity in sports and gaming videos – this TV series has something to boast about.

NanoCell technology has given the name to an entire line of LG TVs. What’s the point? NanoCell are nanoparticles that are applied in a layer to the surface of the screen. They filter out dull tones and make the image clear and bright.

Affordable 4K models haven’t seen major changes this year. A good processor, updated webOS, a large selection of diagonals, colors and designs.

When choosing a new TV for your home, cottage or office, remember that there are popular models in each price category. New items and already well-known TV models from the leading brand LG are always in demand, and delight users with more technological solutions every year.

Let’s plunge into the world of future technologies, which have already become a reality. Home appliances and electronics brand LG is known worldwide for its passion for innovation and new technologies. Every year the company releases new TV models that boast a unique design, surround sound and the most colorful picture.
You can see the variety of TVs offered by the LG brand, get acquainted with the characteristics and features of each model, as well as compare different models with each other, on the Azbuka-technique website (https://azbuka-techniki.ru/catalog/televizory-lg/ ), You can sort the models you are interested in by characteristics and price.

Collection Signature

LG’s design bureau decided to create the world’s thinnest TV screen and they succeeded. The Signature Series is just 2.5mm thin, making it virtually level with the wall. The necessary connectors, speakers and system software in these TVs are located in a free-standing unit.

Rulable TV

LG loves to look to the future and is developing new concepts. So, one such concept that has been successfully implemented is a Rulable TV with a flexible screen that can be rolled into a tube and hidden in the base of the TV. The essence of such an invention is to provide consumers with a large-screen mobile television that can nevertheless be easily carried and unwound at the right time to watch a movie.




Nano Cell technology

Since 2017, LG’s newest TVs have been using Nano Cell technology, which improves the quality of the OLED matrix. The technology involves the application of a layer of special nano cells over the liquid crystal screen, which improve the image, prevent glare, and contribute to more realistic color reproduction. Nano Cell particles allow you to enjoy a bright picture from any viewing angle and with different light sources.

Dolby Atoms Intelligent Sound System

LG is equipping new TV models with Dolby Atmos sound system, which is sharpened to create surround sound. A smart sound processor analyzes sound information in real time, determines how and with what volume the object should sound, and distributes the sound tracks to the speakers.
LG is also improving the Smart TV software on TVs, improving the resolution and quality of the video signal, experimenting with the shapes of screens.