Smartphones of 2022: trends, expected novelties and top of the best

It is not easy to say how smartphones in 2022 will change our lives and what innovations they will bring to it. However, after some stagnation that has taken place in the market for the last couple of years for obvious reasons. The development trends that we are observing now were not even set yesterday.

On the one hand, the competition has become less intense due to US sanctions against Huawei and other Chinese smartphone manufacturers. The Chinese giant had every chance to catch up and overtake Samsung by the end of the 2nd decade of the 21st century, but recently it has been stuck under the pressure of restrictions from the United States. And it is unlikely that with the arrival of Biden in 2022, the situation will greatly improve.

It would seem that great opportunities are opening up for another company from China – Xiaomi. However, it does not have that baggage of developments and opportunities for the development and production of smartphones that Huawei possesses. And foreign partners, especially large retailers and mobile operators, do not seek to be close friends with companies from the Middle Kingdom. Today they are doing well, but tomorrow they may also be included in the sanction list.

Key smartphone trends in 2022

No revolution is foreseen on the horizon yet. Foldable smartphones, which appeared a couple of years ago, did not go to the masses and remained certainly interesting, but nothing more than a high-tech toy. . Yes cool. Yes, unusual. But not in demand. And with the current level of technology development, it is banally expensive.

Here’s what to expect – fully wireless smartphones. Similar experiments have already taken place in the relatively recent past (Meizu Zero), but they remained purely experiments.  Moreover, this promises complete tightness and the ability, for example, to bathe the device in seawater without the risk of oxidation of the contacts.

Camera built into the screen. Also nothing super new – you can remember the ZTE Axon 20 5G. In the case of the latter, the picture quality left much to be desired for the reason that the display matrix creates significant distortions.  But you can – software! “Smart algorithms” have now improved so much that they can draw everything themselves in real time.

“Multi-camera”, most likely, rested on its practical ceiling, as happened in the recent past with smartphone screens. Now almost no one, except perhaps Sony, is experimenting with 4K displays, which do not justify themselves with a matrix diagonal of up to 8 inches. On the contrary, now there is a “breakthrough” in the form of increasing the refresh rate of the screen (but that’s another story).

As for photo and video shooting, then more than 4 sensors, as practice has shown, it makes no sense to put. But the “race of megapixels” has resumed. It is likely that in 2022 we will see a flagship smartphone with a main sensor resolution of the type 250 Mp or so. Is it necessary in practice? The question is rhetorical. However, something needs to clog the grown high-speed UFS 3.1 drives and clog the channels of 5G networks.

Energy consumption. This is where, as here, progress is required constantly. And smartphone makers have not been able to “perform a miracle” until now. So, to create a device that “lives” on one charge, if not a week, then at least 3 days of intensive use. And at the same time it is not a weighty “brick” with a battery of 10,000 mAh and more. In general, we are waiting for development. But it is unlikely to happen.

But what will surely grow is the power of wireless charging. Moreover, a niche for fully wireless smartphones is emerging. Looking ahead in 2022, it should be as fast as usual.

The trend is clear: the introduction of 5G everywhere in spite of the protests of conspiracy theorists and other opponents of progress. Yes, fifth-generation networks were conceived primarily for the “Internet of things”. However, the first beneficiaries are the owners of modern smartphones. And in 2022, 5G networks promise to become a massive phenomenon in many countries.

Much more interesting “battles” are expected on the programmatic “front”. First of all, this concerns data privacy. Apple has already promised a complete revolution in mobile ad targeting with the release of iOS 15 – to the point that it will make a long life. And online advertising will again find itself at the level of 20 years ago. Of course, not everything is so sad for advertisers and site owners. But the trend is on the face.

The second interesting point is Huawei’s actions under sanctions. The smartphone business of the Chinese giant manages to survive successfully, although it has a difficult time. And in 2022, as we noted above, it is unlikely to be any better. However, this spurs her to develop her own Harmony OS. What is missing is the involvement of a wide range of Chinese mobile gadget manufacturers in the process.

Actually, the most anticipated new smartphones in 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22
The first rumors about the future flagship of the Korean giant have already leaked to the press.  However, there are some very curious moments among them:

All smartphones of the Galaxy S22 series will be thinner than their predecessors and have slightly smaller screens: 6.06 inches versus the previous 6.2 for the base model and 6.55 inches instead of 6.7 for the S22 Plus. Only the Galaxy S22 Ultra display promises to be slightly larger than its predecessor – 6.81 inches, not 6.8.
However, in the “race of megapixels” a new leader will appear for a while. Until the Chinese put together a smartphone with a 250 Mp camera. These can!
New top-end mobile processors Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 895 depending on the market. Already, their prototypes have begun to shine in benchmarks and leaks.
OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro
Not so long ago, OnePlus 8 Pro has already won the status of the best smartphone of the current year according to many experts. The secret of success lies in the manufacturer’s ability to achieve a high degree of optimization of software and hardware. Yes, the design of the company’s devices is secondary and sometimes even old-fashioned. But this does not prevent them from enjoying success and being very popular.

Xiaomi Mi 12 and Mi 12 Ultra
The novelty promises a sub-screen camera, a curved display with support for LTPO technology and the ability to change the refresh rate in increments of 1 Hz to 120 Hz, depending on current needs. Also, the network is talking about incredibly high-speed 200-watt (!) Wired charging and wireless 120 watts. Moreover, these chips will not spoil the battery.