Top 10 Best Low-Cost Laptops for Office and Work According to Notebook check

March 2021. Here is a list of the 10 best low-cost laptops for work with a price tag of up to € 800 that have been reviewed by Notebook check in recent times.
Sebastian Bade , ✓ Tanja Hilum ( translated by Anton Avdyushkin),01/18/2021
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Office laptops or cheaper models for every day – they should have convenient controls, good displays and a good set of ports / communication modules to easily connect the necessary peripherals and access the Network.

The list below contains models up to € 800 that have been reviewed by us at Notebook check over the past 12 months. If the score of the two devices is the same, then the newer device is preferred.

The best budget office laptops. March 2021

Editorial note

There are many models of this kind with prices up to 800 euros. The best ones come from Lenovo, HP, Fujitsu and Acer, and their prices range from 450 to 800 euros. The cheaper models have their drawbacks: the keyboards are inferior and the cases are not as sturdy. Fortunately, IPS displays can be found in most devices of this kind.

1 – Lenovo ThinkPad E14

The affordable Lenovo ThinkPad E14  features an AMD processor with more powerful integrated graphics than Intel. The M.2 SSD is responsible for the fast operation of the system, and inside there is an additional M.2 slot. Unfortunately, replacing the SSD requires removing the entire bottom cover.

Among the advantages is a comfortable keyboard with a touchpad, the keys of which do not knock when pressed. But the display turned out to be rather mediocre: it has a matte finish, which is an advantage for many users, and even good viewing angles, but the contrast and brightness are too low.

The Lenovo ThinkPad E14 is a good laptop for work at home

In the ThinkPad E14, we also liked the upgradeability and the decent speakers. At its current price tag of $ 800, it is a great laptop for work and office tasks. With a powerful AMD Ryzen 4000 processor and powerful integrated graphics, this model is even capable of running some games, which is an added bonus.

2nd – Honor MacBook 14

The Honor MacBook 14 ( review in English ) is an affordable office laptop with a powerful processor. The AMD Ryzen 5 4500U installed here offers 6 cores that are capable of handling 12 threads at the same time. Based on our tests, the device delivers a good level of performance even under prolonged use. In addition, the AMD Renoir processor also has quite powerful integrated AMD Radeon RX Vega 6 graphics, which significantly outperforms Intel solutions in terms of performance. The laptop itself pleasantly surprises with its price in the presence of such a powerful filling, therefore it received a good rating. However, this model also has its drawbacks: poor color gamut of the display and poor maintenance / upgrade options.

Honor MacBook 14 offers excellent value for money

Another highlight of the Honor MacBook 14 is battery life – it lasted 14.5 hours in our Wi-Fi test. Despite the low price, the laptop has a very high quality case, and the system works quickly due to a powerful AMD processor in conjunction with an NV Me SSD.

3 – Acer Swift 3 SF314

The Acer Swift 3 SF314 is the brand ‘s most recent laptop powered by AMD Renoir quad-core processors that offer very high performance for the money. Despite the low price of the laptop, the manufacturer used fairly high-quality case materials. The slim metal body also boasts a good array of ports, including even USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C.

Thanks to AMD Renoir processors, the Acer Swift 3 SF314 is much better than other gray and unremarkable office notebooks.

The display, however, is one of the disadvantages of the model. The matte finish is good, but the low brightness and poor color gamut are disappointing.

We believe that the main advantages of the model are excellent autonomy (12 hours in our Wi-Fi test) and low noise in operation. Thanks to the integrated AMD Vega graphics card, the laptop is even suitable for undemanding games.

4 – Acer Chromebook 715

The Acer Chromebook 715  is a big step in the right direction as it is much better than other Chromebooks. For $ 800, you get a beautiful office laptop with a metal case and a powerful Core i5-8350U processor. The main disadvantages are the operating system itself and the small SSD. Nevertheless, if you are going to edit text documents and spreadsheets, as well as browse sites on the Internet, then you don’t need more. The Acer Chromebook 715 is a reliable companion for your work tasks

The Acer Chromebook 715 is a pretty office laptop with good battery life.

 Disadvantages include a poor webcam and a high price for a Chromebook. In addition, Chromes itself contains a bunch of flaws compared to Windows.

5 – Lenovo ThinkBook 14

The Lenovo ThinkBook 14 is a reliable everyday workhorse. For $ 700, you get a quality machine in a rugged case. The model can also be praised for its normal set of ports.

8GB of RAM should be enough for any user, as is a 256GB SSD. In addition, both of these components are replaceable.

The main disadvantage is the display, the characteristics of which are rather poor by modern standards.