what is Techniques and Technologies

Technique and technology are two very similar terms, but they have a distinctly different meaning. Technique is an intangible concept, it is the “know-how”, the knowledge, it refers to the know-how to get the most out of technology in all areas.

Technology is the set of equipment that allows production and distribution in cold, hot or mixed lines by applying “know-how-techniques”. It is the tangible. This means that technique and process go hand in hand. To apply the techniques within a process we will require the necessary technological solutions and equipment.


The Cold Line is undoubtedly an innovative production system that is revolutionizing the world of catering, as it provides elements that greatly facilitate management and safety in a context of competitiveness and profitability. The results of a better organization-planning are directly proportional to the quality, food safety, profitability, competitiveness and well-being of the personnel.

From the Cold Line, a whole series of techniques are deployed, such as vacuum, low-temperature vacuum cooking, pasteurization, autoclaving, regeneration … which, or can be used alone in any process model, or they can be intelligently integrated to improve management, results, security and, of course, profitability.


The discourse for the choice of the equipment and infrastructures that should compose a System must go beyond the discussion of the simple thickness of the steel or the price. For this reason, many other factors must be integrated, such as: ergonomics, performance, the adequacy of the equipment to the required function, versatility, quality and the implicit qualities of the product, as well as the care guarantee, without forgetting the need for integration in a well-geared system that allows a profitable investment in food safety conditions and with the minimum cost of personnel, consumption and maintenance

However, the application of new techniques and technologies for the design of cold line food production and distribution systems and processes requires an exhaustive knowledge of the equipment and their integration within a duly studied and technically projected process.

For Santos Grupo, the important thing is to offer the client personalized and balanced solutions that allow them to assess their investment with respect to the benefits it can bring in terms of exploitation and subsequent profitability in relation to technology.

These solutions will respond from the most complex projects of large central kitchens for communities to the most modest caterings or establishments that need to reduce structures or to universalize their services, starting on many occasions from systems based on hot lines that need to evolve gradually. towards the cold line.