Teatro for Days: mobile technologies for communication and information exchange

The event will take place at the Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center from October 30 to November 8, 2015. The exhibits include Teatro for Days, an innovative concept that represents a new direction in mobile technology. Designed specifically for the generation of the digital world, this concept car defies convention, embodies the cars of the near future, and heralds a new step in the way of being a vehicle.

And how did Nissan manage to create such a car today?

Step 1: Forget all preconceived notions about cars.

Combined with technical solutions created by Nissan for electric vehicles (EV), this concept provides a fundamentally new way of looking at how we can use cars.

The Teatro for Days concept can be considered both a car, a high-tech communication device and a way of life for the driver of the future.

Traveling in a car should not make it impossible to communicate with friends

For several generations of children, the most cherished dream was buying a car. Getting a driver’s license marked the beginning of adulthood, and the process of driving symbolized freedom: to go where and when you want, to do what you want.

According to HI demi Sasaki, General Manager of Product Planning, Nissan, “The people who get their first driver’s license today have always been in touch with each other through digital devices, email, social media, and more. These “digital dwellers” are inspired by the ability to reflect their experiences in photos and videos, and then share them with friends. In response, friends like and share this information with others. It is not so important here whether a person gets some kind of impression in reality or in a virtual environment, the process of information exchange is important ”.

HI demi calls the representatives of this generation “share natives”. people with an innate need to share experiences with virtual friends. They are not encouraged by the mere possession of material objects, but by the use of these objects in order to stay in touch with other people and share their joy with them.

For the share native generation, cars exist outside of their digital world. Many young people regard driving as a stressful situation: during the trip, they can only share their impressions with their cabin mates. Thus, “share natives” do not want a car from driving pleasure or personal space, but, above all, the ability to stay in touch with friends and share information.

Car for “share natives”

Based on observations of new generation buyers, Nissan specialists began to form a symbolic picture of “share native” life.

Going out with friends … Taking pictures of what is happening and sharing these photos / videos … Playing with countless friends in the virtual world, no matter where they really are … Online parties with friends from social networks …

Nissan has also identified common interests for the share natives generation regarding cars. “Above all, they want the car to not just play its primary role as a means of transportation. It should be a versatile creative tool, like a smartphone. This is not about personalizing the car, but more like being able to change the car to suit the mood of the moment.  Therefore, we thought about designing a car that could serve as a canvas to inspire young people to express themselves, ”said HI demi Sasaki.

Nissan research has shown that minicars are the cars of choice for share natives. Share natives are accustomed to charging their devices at home, so electric vehicles are better suited to their lifestyle than cars that require regular visits to the gas station. ”

The EV mileage on a single charge is sufficient for short daily commutes. In addition, Teatro for Days can act as a huge battery on wheels that you can use to charge your mobile devices wherever they are.

The results of share natives’ interest and lifestyle research, together with Nissan’s expertise in electric vehicles and an understanding of the future direction of the automotive industry, led the company to create the first car for a new generation of drivers – Teatro for Days.

Teatro for Days is a source of inspiration for share natives

In everything from concept to interior design and exterior design, Teatro for Days reflects a simple idea – a blank canvas. When the vehicle is in drive mode, gauges, controls and road maps appear on the white control panel. When Teatro for Days is parked, it transforms into a completely new device.

“Teatro” in the name of the concept is the Italian word for “theater”. It’s easy to imagine how “share natives” make Teatro for Days the center of an impromptu open-air festival, or immerse themselves in sophisticated next-generation games with high-quality car audio.

Owners will be able to customize Teatro for Day’s interior to match the season, weather, or just their mood. Someone wants to create a romantic atmosphere in the salon with images of loved ones who are now far away. And someone will decorate the interior for an online party and share the mood of this moment with friends.

Teatro for Day’s laconic appearance also serves as a blank canvas for ideas. The concept car is equipped with LED displays that provide additional opportunities for self-expression. Any impressions of what is happening inside or outside the car can be immediately shared using the on-board camera. The EV rechargeable battery keeps smartphones and other devices up and running at all times.