How digital technology is changing any business

The most talked about topics are data science, big data and machine learning

Artificial intelligence technologies always cause heated discussions, and by 2020, according to forecasts of News, the market for artificial intelligence and machine learning in Russia will reach 28 billion rubles. About why companies use artificial intelligence and where it will lead, we talked with Dmitry Kashtanov, head of the digital * -direction of ICL Services.


– Dmitry, how are things with digital technologies in Russia today? Which ones are in great demand?

– If digital technologies are decomposed in four directions (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud), then mobile technologies will be in the first place in terms of prevalence, that is, Mobile, then social – Social, then analytics and cloud computing – Analytics and Cloud. At the same time, it is obvious that from the implementation of Analytics technologies, such as Business Intelligence (business intelligence – editor’s note), machine learning and big data processing, the business sees significantly greater potential, therefore the demand for them is growing as it succeeds in new applications. areas will grow at an increasing rate.

– What does the concept of Machine Learning include?

– In simple terms, machine learning is a technology that allows computers to find plausible mathematical patterns in a data set, and then use these patterns to predict results for new cases.

Widespread examples of application of machine learning are the detection of spam in mail and recommendation of goods, films on the corresponding sites. Machine learning is also used for image recognition, handwriting, and disease diagnosis.

– It’s hard to keep up with technology … Which companies should start thinking about using machine learning now?

– If a company has successfully implemented ERP and Business Intelligence solutions, then they simply have to try to additionally monetize the accumulated data using machine learning technologies. And trading companies can use it to make more effective recommendations and promotions, both massive and personal, to increase conversion.

– How to start implementing digital in companies?

– A useful step would be to raise awareness of the possibilities of digital technologies among the key personnel of the company. Perhaps some of them will be carried away by new methods and will be able to act as leaders of digitalization.

It is certainly worth studying the experience and success of other companies from using digital, since the easiest way to start is by implementing proven recipes. At the same time, one should not be afraid to experiment to get the most out of new technologies. To do this, it is worth using developments from approaches to testing hypotheses and conducting controlled trials.


– What projects is your team engaged in?

– We are engaged in projects to automate the activities of IT support services using machine learning. This automatic classification and assignment of requests to IT support is reflected in the reduction of the time for resolving incidents and fulfilling service requests.

We are also working on projects in the field of computer vision. A digital solution for large and medium-sized retail allows you to automate the sale of certain groups of goods that are sold by age limit at self-checkout counters. That is, the Computer-vision technology (computer vision – ed.) Determines the age of the buyer by his face.

– As the main examples of the benefits of such technologies, I would cite the reduction in the time to achieve results for the company. The benefits will translate into improved employee productivity and customer satisfaction. However, this should be accompanied by a reduction in the use of manual operations and personal interactions, which, in addition to reducing delays, will lead to cost savings.

– What qualifications should specialists who deal with digital technologies have?

– Good mathematical background, analytical skills, experience with data and data visualization, and programming skills. Knowledge and experience in the subject area will be a big plus.

– How and where can you learn it?

– In the leading universities of Kazan, special programs are taught in digital technologies, such as machine learning, the Internet of things, robotics. For those who are studying in other specialties and want to improve their competencies in these areas, or those who are already working, there is an excellent opportunity to learn this on the Internet. The only limitation is your free time and desire.

– Are you recruiting for your team?

– Our company has two major areas of digitalization. In the Digital Platforms direction, we are recruiting specialists in big data, IoT and cloud computing. At the moment, we have already recruited a team in the direction of “Development of applied digital solutions”, but soon we plan to open vacancies in machine learning, computer vision and IoT. Write to us!