“Mobile medical technologies”: digital ecosystem with telemedicine and remote health monitoring

Mobile Medical Technologies (MMT) is a whole digital ecosystem with telemedicine, remote monitoring and integration of diagnostic laboratories and drug delivery services. The main service of this platform is Online Doctor.

The Online Doctor project is an online clinic that provides an opportunity for remote consultations with doctors for adults and children. The project involves doctors of both a wide and a narrow profile from the best medical institutions in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The service works 24/7.

The waiting time for the doctor is no more than 3 minutes, consultation can be obtained from any corner of Russia. Thus, those who live in the regions, and, for example, do not have the opportunity to receive an adequate consultation at the local clinic, can use the services of the service and talk to a more qualified specialist.

Project history

The idea for the project arose in 2013, when Denis Yachats, the CEO of MMT, while studying at SKOLKOVO, met his future business partner, who had a baby, and needed a prompt medical consultation. Needless to say, how important is the question of the quality and speed of received answers to exciting questions. This is how the idea appeared to create our own project in the field of telemedicine to help young mothers. Create an accessible and convenient online service that will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The project was immediately launched into development.

Together with the Genome Ventures Foundation, we launched the Pediatrician 24/7 telemedicine project in 2014, which provides an opportunity to receive round-the-clock remote medical advice on children’s health issues. Online Doctor appeared in 2015 and began to provide services of doctors of any specialty – from cardiologist to therapist.

In the first two years of the services’ operation, we conducted more than 15,000 online consultations, now their number is more than 120,000.

What difficulties did you face

In 2013, when we first entered the telemedicine market, we faced a lot of criticism. There were many comments that no one needs such a project and that doctors will not support it.

But the question arose “what will remain relevant in medicine in 5-10 years?”

And when answering it, we understood that people would want to receive medical services more quickly and at the same time pay less for them.

The second main problem was that there was no obvious business model and the usual e-commerce market was not working. Because there was no consumer habit and no trust among users.

Such a service did not exist before, so it took us a while to find the right business model.

B2B2C model: service -> sales -> end customer.

In what form is the project now

More than 200 doctors of 62 specialties are consulted in MMT services. They conducted more than 120,000 consultations, the majority of appeals (80%) – from the regions of Russia. 97% of users are satisfied with the consultation. Over the past six months, 70% of requests have been repeated: after receiving professional advice, clients realized the usefulness of the service and applied again.

And every day telemedicine is becoming not just an online consultation service, but a full-fledged ecosystem that includes everything – from integration with the laboratory and the appointment of tests and research to monitoring the health and physical condition of a person using portable gadgets.

Tips for New Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneur is always a leader and faces 5 main blocks.

What is important?

1. There is always a large block of uncertainty and you need to develop determination in yourself, because 100% of the information will never be there.

2. It is important to develop communication. You need to enlist support (partners, investors, and so on).

3. It is important to rely on intuition, but it comes with practice. Many people rely on ⅔ on inner feelings. This is a tool that is honed by trial and error.

4. Constant absorption of new knowledge. It is necessary to develop the ability to learn constantly!

5. Ability to adapt to the situation, but at the same time think about the immutability of needs. The 2020 office will be different from the 2019 office. The concept will change, but the needs will not change.

In a world of such uncertainty and transformation, we want stability in decisions and a strategy that works, but it doesn’t. Nobody knows what it will look like in six months.

Everyone asks the question “what will change?”, Although it is correct to ask the question, and what will not change, what needs will remain unchanged?

In our case, it is difficult to imagine that some of the patients would want to receive more expensive and lower quality care. These are exactly the needs that will remain unchanged.