Digital technologies: possibilities of agricultural applications for mobile devices part two

For the convenience of working with the program, it is divided into three sections: a reference book on herbicides; pesticide handbook; handbook on fungicides. When choosing any of the drugs, you can get information about the formulation, the active substance, the processed culture, the consumption rate, the object against which the fight is being waged. The program will also help in the selection of pesticides to comply with the toxicity and the selection of analogs of drugs. The program contains photos of the packaging of original drugs, which makes it possible to avoid the purchase of counterfeit and falsified products.

The mobile application of Agriculture LLC “Calculation of NPK removal” allows calculating the removal of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P2O5), potassium (K2O) and sulfur (S) by agricultural crops based on materials from any of the five reference books of the user’s choice.

Field diary

The Agronomist’s Diary mobile application, developed by Agriculture LLC, is a simple program for maintaining an electronic book of the history of crop rotation fields (Fig. 5). Allows you to work with an electronic map of fields, keep a history of the placement of crops, a diary of technological operations and see the consumption of materials in each field. Working with the application is possible both in single-user and multi-user modes.

Using the application, agronomists get the opportunity to automate routine work and always have the history of each field at hand, managers get a tool for monitoring and quickly adapting new employees of the agronomic service; machine operators and drivers, especially beginners, find their way to the desired field faster, which increases the time of useful work; financial department employees receive information for analysis; investors receive transparency of what is happening in crop production at all stages of the formation of added value.

place at any point in the field, attach a note with comments and photographs to it and find it at any time; synchronization of data in the cloud, which allows you
in 1C; multiuser mode of operation (paid option); work with several organizations from one device (for consultants, employees of management companies of agricultural firms and agricultural holdings).

Plant control

The Agrimony mobile application and web service allows you to track the development of plants through a single interface and promptly respond to threats. Designed for use by agronomists on farms.
The application displays the fields that need to be inspected on a schedule. During the examination, the agronomist performs a sequence of simple steps – takes several photos, marks the phase of plant development and the threats detected (diseases, weeds, pests), adds comments if necessary. The application interface is simplified as much as possible,
The GPS sensor determines the position of the agronomist in the field, so the collected data is automatically linked to the desired field and crop, marked with coordinates and time. The web service provides a convenient workplace for the chief agronomist.

The interface provides a complete history of inspections and a report on the current state of each field. Data can be downloaded to excel for analysis, and individual examinations can be sent to colleagues, third-party consultants, manufacturers and distributors of plant protection products. Also, the schedule of inspections is configured in the interface, directories of the phases of the development of cultures and threats can be adjusted. The system is preloaded with extensive reference books specific to Russia and the CIS [3].

Smart cartography

The mobile application on the 1C: Enterprise platform “Agronomist’s Assistant 1C: ERP APK 2” allows for each field to observe the progress of the cultivation process; measure fields, form precise spatial positioning of areas and their shape using GPS and GLONASS satellites; to designate areas of contamination of crops and fields using geolocation capabilities; assess the quality of the work performed; analyze the composition and chronology of work in the fields.
In addition to the text description, multimedia content is supported: photos, video and audio recordings. The application does not require the introduction of regulatory and reference information, because everything you need is loaded from the central 1C ERP database Agro-industrial complex 2, after which it is synchronized
in both directions [4].

The farmer mobile application is a program for agriculture that allows you to create an electronic map of fields and keep a history of crop cultivation. Among the main features – the creation of an electronic map of fields (measuring the area and perimeter of fields using GPS / GLONASS, or using the field map editor); maintaining the history of growing crops for each field, including the history of crop rotation; keeping a diary of field operations (fertilizing, sowing, harvesting); keeping photos in the field work diary; creation of points of interest (structure of the location of objects on the farm: warehouses, gas stations, etc.); a note at any point in the field (taking a soil sample for an agrochemical laboratory, adding a point at the current location); saving data in the cloud, working through a web browser, transferring data to a new device. And also the creation of reports on the use of materials in the context of fields and operations, the structure of sown areas by years in the context of crops by fields; export of fields in SHP, KML format, sending data by email.