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The use of digital technologies in all areas of life is one of the main requirements of the time, dictated by the logic of world changes within the framework of the 4th industrial revolution. The world is changing, the ways of working are changing, the goals and practices of getting an education in it are changing. Automation, digitalization, the growing complexity of society, the formation of network-centric communities – this is not a complete list of trends in the development of modern society, reflected in … Read more

Marina Borisov Shestopalova, teacher of the Kindergarten No. 39 MADOU in Lisa, has been using a 3D printer in her work for the second year already. We actively cooperate with this kindergarten and with its talented creative teachers. Marina Borisov is an enthusiast of her craft, a teacher who is ready not only to thoroughly master the technology herself, but also to explain it to children in an accessible way. In my work … Read more

There is such a wonderful online methodologist, teacher and (formerly) librarian in Runlet – Marina Anatolyevna Oreck (Murmansk) Marina Anatolyevna has been using various Internet resources in her teaching practice for many years, knows almost everything about them – and talks about them and shares the practices of their use. We recommend you her author’s resources: the blog “Wind Rose. North” … Read more

It is no secret that each of us is forced to become competent in those areas that were previously understood only by specialists. Whether it is photo and video shooting, journalism, transferring funds, choosing household appliances and a car, determining the quality of materials for renovation, choosing an apartment and much more – all this now has to be solved quickly and literally by everyone. These innovations are essential … Read more

Our children are aborigines of the “digital environment” who live in peace in the world of the Internet and mobile devices. How to make tablets friends not only for children, but also for thinking teachers? This is our article! How can I learn this? Registration for courses “Digital technologies in kindergarten” Registration for courses “Mobile technologies in education”

Reading books is always pleasant, always interesting, but you don’t always want to .. Why?

Interactive boards are replacing interactive whiteboards in kindergartens! What it is? The interactive panel is a large “smart” TV with a diagonal of 55 ″, a touch screen with built-in software and the ability to connect to the Internet. In this case, you do not need a projector, a separate computer, and a lot of wires. The panel does not need to be calibrated and adjusted every time, it … Read more

Before the New Year, everyone – both children and adults – wants a miracle and magic! And it’s possible with bright, colorful, fun Augmented Reality (AR) apps. To work with augmented reality, you need to install special applications on your tablet or smartphone. Further in the application, point the camera at real objects – and next to … Read more

In the previous article, we wrote about how to conduct polls in the Pickers system. At the request of colleagues, we recorded a training video on creating, conducting polls in Pickers and analyzing the data obtained!

When you only have internet in your class / group on your mobile device and on your computer, the Pickers service is ideal for conducting surveys! Everything works quite simply: – the teacher creates a survey on the website or on the phone, – the teacher starts the survey from the phone, – the guys answer by lifting the cards up with the letter of the correct answer, – the teacher using the camera … Read more