The government and corporations have their own requirements for mobile development part two

News: What are the requirements of large customers for mobile developers?

Alexey Chuvashia

The contractor must be able to do turnkey projects. Specifically, a mobile solution – from idea and implementation to implementation and maintenance.

Large customers pay special attention to project management. Often the developer has to strike a balance in project management between classical methodologies and modern agile approaches. We had to balance this way while developing an application for the Absolut Insurance company. The project had a tough deadline tied to the upcoming largest deal, and the finished working mobile application was supposed to become a competitive advantage. We had to combine spiral management with agile practices.

Our internal processes of project management, development, analytics, design, testing are built in such a way as to calculate the risks of the project in advance and guarantee the customer specific deadlines. In the case with “Absolute Insurance”, even taking into account frequently changing requirements, a well-structured management process made it possible to release the release on time without losing quality.

Another of the business requirements for IT solutions is the availability and quality of documentation. Corporations come to developers to solve a business problem, of which a mobile application is a part. It does not exist on its own, but is integrated into their ever-evolving IT infrastructure. Therefore, it is very important to document the entire development within the framework of the project according to certain standards in order to consolidate the decisions made and to reduce the time and laboriousness of adapting existing solutions or introducing new ones in the future.

For example, in projects that we conduct with government authorities, documentation is maintained in accordance with GOST. For mobile applications, this is GOST 19, and for the server side – GOST 34.

Over the past three years, we have gathered great competencies in working on large integration projects for the Central Bank of Russia, Dusky Mir, MTS-Bank, Alfa-Bank, and have developed a mobile application for the state super service OSAGO Assistant in cooperation with RSA. We have transformed our internal processes to meet the needs of large customers, which today allows us to carry out projects of any level of complexity.

Another important point for large companies is technical support for the project at the end of the development contract. Users want to receive quick feedback, the fastest possible correction of found defects and up-to-date support for the latest OS versions. The contractor must provide these services at the required level in accordance with a specific service level agreement (SLA). Including – in the customer’s working mode, and sometimes it is 24/7.

News: Do you have technical support services?

Alexey Chuvashia:

We were among the first to provide this service. We have created such a department for the project of the Central Bank of Russia.

In addition to the basic one, our company provides extended support services. For example, these are call-center services for processing end-user requests, monitoring user reviews in marketplaces and social networks. This is how we help the customer to increase audience loyalty, track application defects and build a roadmap for application development based on the wishes of users.

News: How can a mobile developer gain the trust of a large company?

Alexey Chuvashia

To comply with all your obligations, to give a little more than stipulated in the terms of the contract, to develop the client. Not just give them developers, but create together with them a competence center for mobile solutions, with the help of which it will be possible to create new products in the future to achieve business goals.

We deliberately move towards working with large customers, we see them as partners with whom we can create significant solutions for automating internal tasks or new products for the market as a whole.

News: What projects do you especially like?

Alexey Chuvashia:

We love projects in which we, together with clients, create solutions that create new productivity and new business models that increase business efficiency. In general, we love to create something completely new, as, for example, in the project “Assistant to Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance”: there have never been such projects in the history of Russia. In order to make these projects even better, our team was recently joined by Product Director Sergei Soldati – before that he worked in the product team of Alfa-Bank. Sergey’s expertise is aimed at developing the client’s business and increasing key metrics. In addition, Sergey has experience in developing products with millions of users and launching new innovative services. Under his leadership, the first release of the mobile application for Ascoma will soon take place within the framework of a new project for Russia in the field of the Internet of Things – “smart bedroom”.

News: What should companies be wary of when embarking on the path of digital transformation?

Alexey Chuvashia:

There can be many mistakes. And they can arise at the very start: it happens that the company has no idea how the current changes can affect the business in the future. Digitization for the sake of digitalization. In such matters, it is always important to set a clear strategy with measurable goals and results.

When such processes are launched under conditions of uncertainty, it is very important to remain vigilant, correctly prioritize and not lose rationality in decision making. Digitization is great, but business must survive now in order for it to have this future.

It is necessary to approach such transformations in a comprehensive manner: to audit the current IT landscape and think over future integrations, formulate clear goals and objectives, and provide for employee training. An experienced and knowledgeable contractor will help guide this process and ensure success.